Saturday, 1 December 2012

Thank u aunty Sathya n relatives!!! Gifts from India n US...

Guess who came to visit baby sienna???
A lil rap from mr. Hubby:
"Si-enna is going to see-anna (anna is brother in Tamil but in this case it would be COUSIN brother)"

This is the first time aunty sathya and her son Kiran are meeting baby Si!!! Well actually aunty sathya did meet baby Si when baby Si was 2 months in my belly - during our trip to visit mr hubby's family in the USA last year!

Now it's their turn to visit us here in singapore... They came from USA to INdia to spend time with relatives and now they are here in Singapore for 2 weeks :) they came bearing gifts for baby Si!!! And baby Si got her first Indian outfit - Kerala's special costume!
Can't wait till baby Si is big enuff to fit into the beautiful outfit and mummy can't wait to dress her up to be an Indian girl :) maybe then she will look more Indian than Chinese!

This mummy blogger will be busy these next weeks as we are busy going places n being tour guides! So far we've gone to Port of Lost Wonder waterpark in sentosa- very friendly for toddlers n kids. It was little Kiran's first time in the water n he loved it, Little India-to get yummy Indian food, bugis street-cheap shopping, river cruise at Clarke Quay, vivocity-shopping mall, pass by orchard street (too crowded to get down-it's tough with 2 babies n 2 strollers)

We are planning to go to newly opened Gardens by the Bay-the largest indoor garden in the world! Not sure where else to go yet as we have to think of kid friendly places... Maybe the zoo or bird park or night safari? Universal studios will not be suitable for toddlers...

Being a mum now, it's a totally different perspective! Have to think of kid friendly places as opposed to just going on our whims and fancies!

Stay tune to find out where we're going next :) and pics soon to follow! (once I have some down time)

Below: pic of aunty sathya with baby Si!!! Sorry no pics of Kiran online...

Baby Si: "more clips to add to my clips collection!!!"

Mummy: "fav tea- masala tea!!! I'm more Indian than mr. Hubby... Hee hee hee... I think he would agree to that :)"

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