Thursday, 6 December 2012

Happy 8th months old baby Si!!!

Here's our monthly family tradition...

Hopefully baby Si pics will cheer up ur day!!! It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :)

Baby Si: "Merry Xmas every one!!!"
KEEP WARM ;) hee hee hee...brrrrrr!

Note: we're in singapore... Where it's Alwiz Nice n hot :p

Daddy got a shock of his life when he walked into the room (in the middle of the photo-shooting) and saw his lil princess nakey with nothing but a diaper n a hat ;) *tee hee hee*

Now that baby Si is 8 months, Mummy can't wait to feed u and experiment with new foods like Meat, tofu, cheese, yogurt, etc...All the yummy stuff other than just fruit n veggies!!! So that baby Si will grow up loving all sorts of different kinds of food just like mummy ;)

Milestones reached
• crawling forward
• waving
• able to hold a book by herself
• able to repeat words when we talk...happened a few times randomly! Mummy was thinking she's going nuts hearing things... But it has happened a few times on different occasions with different people holding baby Si!

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