Monday, 31 December 2012

Super sienna!!!

Thanks to a lovely Brunei fan of baby Si for sending her a Xmas gift all the way from Brunei... I believe her name is Alex?!?!
*At least I know someone is reading baby Si blog...* yeay!!!

This is by far baby Si's most wonderful costume outfit ever...She is attracting far more attention from strangers when she was wearing this outfit... Not that she didn't before this!

Super sienna, the super girl is here to save the world!!!

Oh yeah, n we ushered in the new years at I-city shah alam... Baby Si enjoyed seeing the wonderfully decorated lights... She got super excited... Both mummy n daddy enjoyed it too... We ended our 2012 year with non other than our yummy missed food from the mamak!!! Roti canai, tosai, ice lemon tea (for daddy) n nasi paprik wt beef, ice coffee (for mummy n baby Si)

Happy 2013!!!

Much love from baby Si to her Brunei fans,

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