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Hi, My name is Sienna Chaw Naga aka Baby Si. My daddy's name is Karthik and mummy's is Jamie aka KarMie (Karthik+Jamie). 
I am proud to be a Chin-dian!!! My daddy is an Indian American, mummy a Malaysian Chinese and they met in the States while working together at Cummins, Inc. I was made in China :) Since then, I have travelled to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, USA, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia (all while being comfortably in mummy's womb). I took my first trip when I was only 3 months n we went to Phuket, Thailand as mummy needed a vacation! 2 yrs later, my parents gave me a baby brother, Skyler Chaw Naga aka baby Skye! Now we live in Charlotte,NC (USA)...
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Monday, 12 November 2012

Baby Si baby dedication this sat!!!

This might be the most exciting time for me n mr. Hubby ever since baby Si was born. As we will be dedicating our precious baby Si to our Creator, our Lord Jesus Christ... And also for blessing us to be responsible parents to our wonderful baby Si...

One might ask, what is a baby dedication?
A Baby Dedication is a ceremony in which believing parents make a commitment before the Lord to submit a child to God's will and to raise that child according to God's Word and God's ways. And not according to our own ways.

Karthik and I hope and pray to be responsible parents by making this promise to the Lord to do everything within our power to raise baby Si in a godly way, prayerfully until she can make a decision on her own to follow God.

Do join us as we celebrate this joyous celebration at Singapore Expo, City Harvest Church this Saturday at 5pm or if u are overseas u too can join in to this event by watching it live at 5pm Singapore time.
Click top right hand corner "watch live".

See u all there :) physically or spiritually!!! *LoL*