Thursday, 1 November 2012

First movie date!!!

Its been about 8 months since me n mr. Hubby last watched a movie at the theaters. Last movies watched were "Hunger Games" n "This Means War".
Ever since then we could only watch movies at home :(
So I've been warning all the soon-to-be mothers to watch as many movies as possible before popping!!!

So since we have a nanny aka po po who came to visit us, me n mr hubby took the opportunity to go on our first movie date "skyfall" (good idea mr hubby on the movie date)

So heres hoping baby Si will behave and be extra nice to po po... We were so excited about our movie date that we went ahead n booked our tickets online (since it is the first day of screening) for a 6-8.30pm movie without thinking that it's baby Si bed time n she might need mummy's (.)(.) to put her to sleep...
*all the best po po!!!*

Movie: was awesome!!! Best BOND movie ever...all the actor n actresses were into their character...Daniel craig, getting older but still as sexy!!! LOL... I think mr. Hubby would agree too ;)
po po & baby Si: having a ball of a time, posing for po po taking pics n videos, face timing wt gong gong.
Mummy: didn't enjoy much of the movie in the beginning until halfway called po po to find them playing n baby Si being contented.
Mummy n daddy: felt like our paktoh-ing days... walking hand-in-hand, cutting thru parking lots to walk to n fro the mrt, so care free (now wt baby Si, we walk hand-in-stroller instead of hand-in-hand and also need to walk the longer way using the proper path)

This the longest I've been away from my baby Si ... 3 1/2 hours! Took a chance since this mummy was too lazy to pump (pump, bottles, sterilizer in hiding)... But got ready Baby Si oatmeal and po po fed her!
On the way back (just 15mins away), saw a few babies n felt teary as i miss my baby Si. Once we got home, sneak into po po room to find them playing albeit baby Si being sooooo tired n sleepy. Baby Si waited till mummy got home, had her (.)(.) n fell asleep right away...

Po po took pics to show how much fun mummy n daddy missed out on!!!
Po po got her apple puff as a reward ;)

So who's coming to visit us next? So me n mr. Hubby can plan for our next movie date... Hehehehehe


  1. Hahaha I can't even remember the last time we went to watch movie in the theatre :)
    That's why we built sound proof room and bought projector to make our own little cinema at home...

    The last time me and my hubby went for a date at night was last year for my company party. It was the 1st time we went out at night and left Mika at my friend's house at night.
    She enjoyed it. However tear came up out of her a bit at sleep time :(

  2. Awwww...the bittersweet of parenthood ;)
    Me n mr. Hubby will be attending lots of weddings n dinner function coming up....not sure what to do yet with baby she's getting loud !!! Hehhehehe....

  3. It will getting louder and can't sit still when they become toddler :) So, for sure it's getting harder to have them in a dinner function :)