Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thank u aunty Elly!!! Gifts from china...

What a pleasant surprise when I went to visit my good friend from Jetstar...
She got 2 very pretty dresses for baby Si all the way from Beijing, China!!! The material is of good quality, colorful and suitable for spore weather too (not all things made in china are bad OK!!! *btw, baby Si was made in china n look how she turned out to be!!! *LOL*)

Baby Si: I can't wait to wear it when I'm big enuff to fit it ;)

How nice to have good friends from all over the world!!! Well in this case, Singapore friend who is traveling all over the world... *oh how I miss my traveling days* - nom-ing on good food, cheap shopping, sight seeing, hotels, planes, airports, crazy emo crews, etc!!! Well those were the days before baby Si!!! So glad I could reminiscent those memories while catching up with Elly...
Told her she better make full use of staff travel (cheap tickets) and travel with her hubby as much as possible before she gets a baby... Can't wait for u to get one so baby Si will have a play date!!! *praying for u*

Thank u also for feeding me n baby Si with all those yummy Indonesian finger food and chocs from New zealand!!! Whatever mummy eats, baby Si eats too ;)

Great catching up with u... We shall meet up again soon ;)

Note: this pic was an old pic of us, when aunty Elly came to visit baby Si for the first time at my place...this time I visited her at her place! Too excited that we forgot to take pics :p

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