Saturday, 24 November 2012

Baby Si 7th and 8th solid food

This mummy has been soooo busy with 2 weddings, baby dedication, baby competition, attending our first artsy fartsy art show gallery, dinner with cellgroup, dinner with mr. Hubby MBA friends, po po n gong gong came to visit, visited half Korean nephew n sis in law, etc that I hadn't had time to make new puree food for baby Si! Luckily I could count on my reliable oat meal that I made n baby Si had no complaints. But this mummy felt so guilty n tried feeding her other food - Cerelac rice cereal (samples given) but baby Si did not liked it at all. I guess she only wants mummy home "cooked" meals *YAY*.
Then when I had some spare time, I made a dashed to the store to buy some avocados thinking that will be the easiest without having to steam n blend... Just scoop out n mash!!! So picked out the dark skin ones n when I got home n cut it up, to my dismay it was unripe :( so there goes baby Si gourmet meal n in goes for me n mr. Hubby smoothies (yucky by the way)

7th solid food: Fuji apples
Her 2nd fruit ;)

So what does baby Si think of her gourmet meal???

Baby Si: yummy... Took her a few bites for her to get use to the sweet sourish taste, but she liked it in the end!!! Best fruit that baby Si liked so far ;)
Mummy: hoping that an apple a day will keep the doc away!

Here's a lil riddle I "rapped" while feeding baby Si...
"baby Si loves apple,
Daddy loves apple MAC,
Mummy loves BIG MAC!!!"

Mr. Hubby was laughing at mummy's cheesy/corny riddle!!!

8th solid food: Japanese sweet potato

So what does baby Si think of her gourmet meal all the way from Japan (NOT!!!) ???

Baby Si: didn't like it as much after a few tries :(
BIG MISTAKE forcing her to eat it for a few days... She wakes up EVERY HOUR during the night and would cry hysterically as if in pain!!! This happened for 3 nights consecutively... The first 2 nights I thought it was due to her feeling "under the weather" and wanted some "manja" time but last night it happened again!!! Mind u, my baby Si does not usually cry. I can count the times she cried with one hand! If she is hungry, she will whimper. If she's sleepy, she will get a bit fussy. So this time when she cried, i tried feeding her-rejected, pacifier-rejected. Mummy feels so heart pain as I couldn't do anything to ease her pain!
And since my baby hardly cries, I had to investigate what the cause. So I realized it's the food! SWEET POTATO CAUSES GAS!!! I then remembered my mum who came to visit recently, while taking our evening walk at the canal- she was passing out gas non stop!!! She told me it's cause of the sweet potatoes she's been eating the whole day. I laughed it off as I tot it was too funny to be true n then brushed it aside. Now we know where Baby Si got her "farting" genes from...her po po!!! Hehehe ;)

Mummy: It was so yummy that even mummy cleaned out the food processor after puree-ing it. I might have to google n make some kind of dessert with it next time!
Note to self: *no more feeding GAS causing food to baby Si until her guts mature!!!* I thought I would only have to watch out for allergy reaction n poop abnormalities... Now GAS ? Add on to my already long list of to-do things and to-remember to do!!!
Oh Lord, give me the strength n wisdom! I'm pretty much zombified after 3 days of no sleep n the neighbors must be wondering if there's child abuse going on throughout the night n wat happen to our ever so quiet baby Si who sleeps like a baby-no pun intended *LOL*


What veg or fruit should I intro next?
Stay tune to find out ;)
I think u can guess which fruit is next (unripe, waiting-for-it-to-ripe avocados sitting on my kitchen top)

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