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Hi, My name is Sienna Chaw Naga aka Baby Si. My daddy's name is Karthik and mummy's is Jamie aka KarMie (Karthik+Jamie). 
I am proud to be a Chin-dian!!! My daddy is an Indian American, mummy a Malaysian Chinese and they met in the States while working together at Cummins, Inc. I was made in China :) Since then, I have travelled to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, USA, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia (all while being comfortably in mummy's womb). I took my first trip when I was only 3 months n we went to Phuket, Thailand as mummy needed a vacation! 2 yrs later, my parents gave me a baby brother, Skyler Chaw Naga aka baby Skye! Now we live in Charlotte,NC (USA)...
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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Update - Super Sienna flying off to Hollywood!!!

So guess what???
Baby Si's entry was being shortlisted as one of the finalist...*shockingly surprised*
What a pleasant surprised as we thought we have NILL chance since our votes were so low...
If u missed it, click here for the post...

So with a short notice of just 1 day, mummy n baby Si were off to the interview not knowing what it entailed... But basically we needed to convince the panel of "judges" as to why we deserve to win n attend the finale of American idol in Hollywood...so this mummy did kinda prep a lil'

When we arrived (mr. Hubby had to work), saw a few contestant there (the one before n after me). They looked nervous but all prepared! The guy before me had a friend tagging along and brought a bunch of props in a large suitcase! He was even wearing the American idol shirt with a contest number... I could peep in and got a shock of my life when there was a whole set of camera and video crew filming!!! I heard the guy SING a song he created about how they should pick him, why he deserve to win and so forth... *Woahhhh!!!* I bet he did a little jiggle too! His personality was kinda "out there", very entertaining and animated. I thought he had a really good chance in winning since he well deserved it... Whereas the lady after me looked calm and when I spoke to her, she told me that she wasn't that prepared and just went with the flow...

Then came my turn and basically they gave me 5-10 mins to present my "case" once the video started rolling...what??? No question and answer going back n forth??? Just me, myself n the video...baby Si was also in the video but happily munching on her snack! *no help at all!!!* baby Si should be the one convincing them...wasn't she the one that got us shortlisted and wanted to see her Ryan Seacrest??? Cut the story short...we didnt win :( and I tot the guy before me won...but apparently not!!! (I was telling mr. Hubby right after the interview that maybe I should have made him tag along and do a rap n jiggle ourselves silly so we could win)

Oh well...I guess super sienna will have to wait until she's a bit bigger to fly off to Hollywood...
She didnt get to see her Ryan Seacrest in person but she got to meet the Desperate Housewives!!!

Here's the winner!!! click here
Congrats :)
please bring us back Taco Bell n pack Ryan Seacrest into ur suitcase for baby Si...