Monday, 22 April 2013

Happy 1 yr old baby Si!!!

So according to, my baby Si is no longer a BABY!!!...she's officially a TODDLER now that she just turned 1 on april 6th 2013!!!
HAPPY 1 YEAR OLD sienna chaw naga...does this mean I have to stop calling her baby Si??? No wayyyyy... I think I will keep referring to her as baby Si while I can still can get away with that (benchmark-maybe while she's still in diapers? Can right?)

What did we do for her birthday celebration?
Well after much deliberation and going back n forth. me n mr. Hubby decided we weren't gonna do a birthday party and decided instead to go on a trip!!! Secret destination will be revealed soon once pics have been transferred and uploaded by mr. Hubby...we just came bck so we are quite exhausted and busy getting back to reality!!! So stay tuned :)

But we did managed to sneak in a lil' family celebration with my family...
If u are wondering why po po isn't in the pics, well, she was busy having fun with her other grandchild zach ha min in Singapore!
Since mr. hubby had some time to come down to malaysia, we decided to celebrate with the grandparents and chiu chiu (uncle Jeffrey)! So we actually celebrated a month ahead of the actual baby si was actually 11 mths in the pics...
Plus it was time for uncle Jeffrey to cook us dinner for the first time in his entire life in his new bachelor pad... He was so excited to cook for us (all these years of watching "license to grill" on food channel will be put to good use)! But when we arrived...guess what? Nobody came to greet us when we rang the doorbell... And we couldn't smell any grilling going on! What was going red carpet, no VIP treatment? was it april fools day? We rang the bell 3 times and finally got an answer. Tot he was taking a shower...but Lo and behold, he greeted us from his balcony half asleep and half naked (shirtless!)... Geeshhhh, he overslept!!! (More like just woke up at 6pm!!!) bachelor life.....ishhhh!!!

Luckily his place is in the middle of food paradise... So chiu chiu quickly decided to go to Jakes steakhouse place! I guess we'll have to take a rain check on tasting chiu chiu's's ok, more time for him to practice his "cooking skills"! I only remembered him making his famous cheesecake! But mind u, that didnt require any bake cheesecake!!! It was yummy though....

I would also like to give myself a pat on the back as I have been breastfeeding and have reached the 1 yr milestone!!! *Yeayyy* And will continue to do so as long as I can ;)
my breastfeeding journey started off with a bumpy start and wasn't an easy rosy journey (takes a lot of sacrifice-sleep, determination, exhaustion, etc...) but its all well worth it :)
Hey, since I'm a stay at home mum now, that's the most precious sacrifice I can give to my child...
Nothing against formula milk babies...but if I can do it naturally, why not....
"Jia yu"... "GAMBATEH"..."kiasu"... "Malaysia boleh"!!!!

This was the shout out I made on "the breastfeeding advocates network" (TBAN) recently:

"I cant believe it, but I made it to 1 year of fully BF (minus the first 2 weeks)!!! Still can't believe it...
Thank u TBAN n mr. Hubby for all ur support, couldn't have done it without either...
Last year it took u 24 hrs to come out from mummy's tummy... But it was well worth it ;)
We r so blessed to have u, such a happy, healthy n contented baby.
We love love love u...
Planning to go on as much as I can... — with Karthik Naga."

P/s: (I would strongly encourage soon-to-be mothers and new mothers to join this group... Fathers are welcome to join too!!!)

Ok enuff of this long post, enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed our lil' princess special day :)

More pics on mr. Hubby's on the links below:
Sienna's First Year Flashback
Sienna's first birthday!

Also a special thanks to Alex "baby Si Brunei fan" for wanting to give sienna a birthday present... Her first bikini!!! But sadly, baby Si's daddy didn't approve of the gift as he thought it was too skimpy for her lil' princess *daddys lil gal* *rolls eyes*...thanks again...the thought that counts!!!
Alex was so thoughtful as she knew baby Si didn't have a bathing suit from reading this post!
baby Si first swimming experience
Btw, she's also the person behind the infamous super sienna outfit!!!

We got baby Si Little Tikes spray n rescue fire truck!!!
Look how cute it is...
click here to watch a video
Baby Si will b an envy of the neighborhood kids!!! Can't wait for baby Si to "spray" the other kids!!! Muhahahaha *evil laugh*
I think mummy n daddy are more excited...maybe that's why we bought re-live our childhood perhaps?
Note: it looks big for baby Si coz it says recommended age fr 18 mths up! But mummy n daddy couldn't resist and wait any longer...

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