Monday, 20 May 2013

Baby Si beyond infinity solid food...

New food introduced:
.Korean chapgae noodles with quah..made by po po!
Baby Si liked it so much that she wanted to self feed her self...1 noodle at a time!!! U can imagine how long it took for her to get full... Mummy tried feeding her but she ended up taking it out n self feeding herself...and she thinks its fun too...kept pulling at the noodles. So this mummy decided not to cut short the noodles and just give her long ones. Faster ;)
.Wheat pasta
. Wheetabix mixed with avacado, mango, yogurt! Great as baby Si can self feed herself easily with no mess since its not watery and sticks to the spoon...still need help with scooping though.
.korean strawberry while vacationing in Korea (strawberries only to be introduced at 12mths+)
.korean seaweed suitable for babies (bought from Korea)
She ate so much of this...and nothing was stopping her. Great as we could feed her on the go (while in the subway train, while walking, shopping, etc)
.Citrus (only to be introduced at 12mths+) - oranges
.her first tosai at changi airport (after our flight from Korea)
.baby's DHA (only to be introduced at 12mths+) - bought from iherb. Just add to her drinking water. Smells and taste fishy. But baby Si actually likes it. *yeay* good n healthy!!!
.parsley, oregano, Italian herbs, onions
.white melon
.tomatoes (only to be introduced at 10mths+)
.Wheat Spaghetti
.Mustard seeds

Finger food:
.Cut dried cranberries... Boil it in hot water to make it softer. She liked it :)
Use the leftover nutritious water as drink (but baby didnt take it) so decided to boil some oats for her with it.
.cheese cut into tiny cubes...cheese that mr. Hubby bought from Amsterdam! It tasted more like Indian cheese!!! Not "paneer" but because the cheese had tons of cumins seeds in it... At first when I tasted it (it had a strong taste), I was sure baby Si wouldn't take it as well. But Lo and behold, our baby is indeed half Indian...she took it willingly, and liked it :)
(This mummy made sure the salt content is baby friendly - it should be below 680mg per 100 gm of cheese.). Can't blame the daddy for the cheese taste as everything written on it was in Dutch!
.french toast
.apple (skinless)... She loves gumming on it (with 2 bottom teeth)...keeps her occupied while this mummy can be hands free...
.chunks of cooked-to-tender carrot
.chunks of cooked-to-tender eggplant
.chunks of guava

So what does baby Si think of her gourmet meal???

Baby Si: "mummy, Please don't get mad at day I might love certain food, and another I might hate it n throw it on the floor!!! *doggy eyed*...I promise that It has nothing do to ur cooking, just that my taste buds are ever changing and still developing"
Mummy: "breathe in, breathe out....*practicing yoga breaths* while repeating this mantra!"

What new food should I intro next?
Stay tune to find out ;)

Pics below: a spinoff from the last "who wore it better episode"...
if u are into fashion police just like this mummy, u would know the famous line of Joan Rivers in the segment of , "B*t*ch stole my look" aka "who wore it better"... So lets vote ;) this time on who wore the bib better???

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