Friday, 15 March 2013

Baby Si & mummy's VIRGIN basketball game experience!!!


It was our (mummy n baby Si) first basketball game...

We were ushered down to the VIP room where we were greeted wt lots of finger food and free flow BEER!!! Too bad this mummy couldn't take advantage of the drinks or else baby Si would be HIGH too...
Then the star of the day walked into the room (Kobe Bryant's dad-> didn't even bother getting his name)...everyone were rushing to get a pic wt him! Especially mr. Hubby!!! He was like a kid in a candy store... Hehheheh....
(P/s: was looking forward to having papa johns pizza as they are one of KL Dragons sponsor -> me n mr hubby ONLY eats papa johns pizza as those are the best!!!)

At first during the first half of the game...I was a bit conservative but by half time when the crowd, band and emcee started getting more vocal and animated, I find myself getting into it as well... Me n mr. Hubby were yelling, banging those "irritating" long balloons (which baby Si did too), cheering, throwing fists into the air, etc...just as if i was a season basketball fan!

Everything felt so we were in a NBA game... There were the media, host, commentators, band, lights, cameraman, photographers, towel lady, water boy, etc...they even had a mascot! Was told by Kelly that the mascot guy had an in built fan in his convenient!

But this Mummy was more glued on the cheerleading girls all throughout the game (not coz of being pervert OK) but coz this mummy was an ex dancer aka "cheerleader" back in university days!!! Brought back memories of waking up early in the dawn to go for practice even in the COLD, SNOWY winter..did many routines during all those half times for football (American football that is) and basketball...which is whole year round as the game seasons are being played all throughout.

By the end of the day, baby Si attracted her own band of fans with her Super Sienna!!! outfit...n of coz her charming smile did the trick too ;)

Mr.Hubby managed to take a pic with the star player Sammy Monroe without knowing that he just quit the team just a few days ago as he was costing too much for the team!

Quoted fr mr. hubby's FB wall: "Sammy Monroe's going to be missed on the Dragon's pro bball team in Malaysia. Awesome scorer, and great team player... very humble as well. Check out this awesome 3 falling out of bounds against Thailand."
Watch his YouTube ~>

Thank you uncle ken Han for the VIP tickets... Mr. Hubby will alwiz be ur no. 1 fan ;) he had a smile painted permanently on his face a day before till the day after the game!!! How die hard fan was he? managed to rushed back to malaysia from Singapore right after work on Friday just so he can watch the game on sat!!!

Thank you uncle ken Han's gf Kelly Thorn for so eagerly wanting to babysit baby Si so that mummy n daddy can enjoy the Si was so comfortable sitting in Kelly's arm that she fell asleep! must be the kindergarten teachers smell or perhaps the CHINDIAN bonding?

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