Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Gardens by the Bay...

Gardens by the Bay was crowned World Building of the Year at the World Architecture Festival 2012; while the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome won the best display building <~ quoted from

Since Chinatown would be close during Chinese New Year, where else would be a perfect place to go that would be less crowded??? (orchard road would be real packed with shopaholics and foodies) So gardens by the bay it is!!!

It was our first time there for all of us :) as this is one of the latest attractions in singapore and it just opened its doors end of last year.
We were blessed with good weather coz by the time we arrived it just started it's the perfect timing to explore their indoor gardens (the 2 odd looking shape building...i call it the seashells...which are the conservatories, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest) and by the time we came out, it stopped raining, just in time to explore the outdoor gardens. We did not do the OCBC skyway which is a bridge connecting those Avatar looking trees (called SuperTree Grove)
(if u watch the movie Avatar which by the way I watched it not once but twice....first time hated it, gave it a 2nd try and loved it)

This mummies review:
KUDOS to them for having a very nice breastfeeding room ;)

The indoor gardens (which by the way u need tickets to enter) are not as spectacular as I have envisioned it, thanks to all the hypes created by the media...our expectations were set too high! But the kids did enjoy every moment of it...innocence with no expectations! Maybe we all should learn from them and have their childlike spirit to avoid disappointments???
The plants did not look fully bloomed...looked a lil' under the weather....disorganized....plants and flowers were being planted like someone just poured seeds aimlessly...where were the interior designers? But I did like and appreciate the snake shaped trees scattered everywhere...tribute to CNY the snake year!!!

But the outdoor gardens (which was free) were to die for...
Those avatar looking trees looked awesome during sun down...and during nite time, they have a light display show with music!!! kept us all entertained as we awed at its beauty!!!
By the way, if you were less observant, you wouldn't have known that the largest tree had a super "atas" aka classy restaurant called IndoChine. Guys looking to impress ur hot date...or maybe even a proposal perhaps???
Reminded me of mr. hubby proposing to me on Eiffel Tower...not the real one but the mini one in Las Vegas... It was such a special moment for me...with banners, water fountain display, music in the background, poetry by mr. Fiancé, down on his knees with my to die for diamond engagement ring, etc....well, U get the picture!!! We did managed to go to the real Eiffel Tower in Paris in 2011 :) *happy happy*... Loved every moment of our Europe trip... *reminiscing*

Ok ok...back from la la land!!!

Zach ha min n baby Si were playing non stop together...did not even take their naps!!!
We were out from 4pm till 10.30pm...
Zach knocked out in the MRT on the way back...and gong gong had to carry him home (but we ended up putting him in baby Si stroller)
Both were zonked out and slept like a baby throughout the nite...ready for recharged the next morning to attend our relative wedding in Johor, Malaysia (30mins drive) from's the border city...

I just found out that if u are a nature lover, u can do ur bit and volunteer ~>
That way you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone...doing the thing u love and visiting this place for FREE?
All the "kiasu" Singaporeans would love this...

More pics on mr.hubby fb ~>

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