Sunday, 31 March 2013


Just like most mummies in malaysia n Singapore, I find myself being succumbed to online shopping especially when it comes to baby Si products. Convenient and cheaper than buying at the stores.

IPad, IMac, iherb? is an online website where u can find cheap products especially vitamins, baby food, baby snacks, baby products, etc...

Since most American & European brand products are expensive here especially baby Items, many mothers have resorted to buying online. But shipping internationally can be very costly. So here are some tips to making ur puchase. By the way, it can be addicting! This is my 3rd time buying from this website. *note to self: need to practice self control...but heck, it's okay to pamper baby Si with nutritious snacks right? So why not*... And I justify it by telling myself that this mummy has saved lots of mr. Hubby's $$ on formula milk as baby Si only drinks the best (.)(.)!!!

How to make your first purchase.
1) go to
2) search for whatever products you might like to buy. Add to shopping cart.
3) to reduce the overall costs of items, make sure to buy less than 4lbs (1.814kg) totally in weight so that u will only be charged a flat shipping fee of $4.00 for orders over $40.00!
Customers in the USA can enjoy FREE shipping for orders over $40.00 regardless of weight, anywhere in USA. <~ how nice!!!
4) don't forget to use my referral code : "VUY141" at checkout because if you are a first time customer, you get $10 off for orders more than $40 or $5 off for orders less than $40! That makes your overall costs even cheaper!
5) don't forget to claim your free gift under "freebies". In my case, I got the free herbal zap drink and iherb threw in a lollipop!

Note: i know it is tough to stay within the weight limit of 4lbs!!!
So here are my tips!
1) shop for 1 item that you need that is expensive but yet light... (Examples makeup, makeup tools, etc). In my case, it was the "baby's DHA"!
2) then add the rest of your item that you need.
3) if u are short on a few dollars to make it $40.00, those happy yogis yogurt and fruit snacks are perfect fillers as they are really light weight!

If after reading all this and all sounds too confusing to you, just follow exactly what I bought from my picture and you are good to go! Maybe then when you make ur 2nd purchase, you would be pro! All the best and happy shopping ;) I know I did...

Can't wait to let baby Si try the baby's DHA once she turns 1 year old...SOON!!!

By the way, baby Si just had her first ever "brushing teeth experience" with the newly bought organic toothpaste and toothbrush! (She has 2 bottom teeth).
Still need some practicing though as she is scared of the weird looking gum brush "attacking" her mouth... She opened once to get a taste and then her mouth went to auto shut...

Ok this mummy is auto shutting herself too...zzzzZZZZZ....good nite!

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