Sunday, 13 January 2013

Happy 9 mths old baby Si!!!

Baby Si turned 9 months on 6th Jan 2013!!!
This mummy has been busy since coming back from Malaysia n Thailand... Back to reality :) catching up on cleaning, laundry, groceries, appointments, etc...

Here's our monthly family tradition.

Hopefully baby Si pics will cheer up ur day!!! It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :)

Milestones reached:
. Crawl everywhere and very quickly aka spider-girl
. Able to sit her self up from tummy position to sitting position
. Able to pull herself up to standing position using the couch as an assist
. Able to stand for a very long time
. Able to cruise along (walk many many steps) the couch
. Able to duck under a chair
. Able to make "click-click" sound using her tongue
. Able to clap her hands
. Learnt her first Chinese word "pai shou" which means clap hands and able to respond by clapping! So proud of our baby!!! She won't be a banana Chinese like mummy :)
. Her first tooth started surfacing without us knowing about it as there were no signs of teething - no drooling, no fussing, no fever, no biting, etc.. *yay to baby Si...we are blessed with a happy, healthy and contented baby!!!*

Doctors checkup:
9 Jan - 9th mth 3 days assessment check up wt nurse.
7.5 kg in the >25th percentile
67.6 kg in the 25th percentile
43.3 cm head circumference in the >25th percentile
Baby Si passed all her hearing, eye, physical assessment.

Baby Si got a surprised present from uncle sriram n aunty prietha... A walker suitable for 9+months!!! Just in time when baby Si just started standing... How thoughtful of them :) Nandri...

Baby Si: "I can't wait to walk with the walker and drive mummy n daddy nuts...n make them chase after me... Hee hee hee"

Mummy n daddy: "Good exercise for us!!! Without any dieting involved"

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