Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Baby Si 17th - infinite solid food...

Okay by this point this mummy has lost count of how many new foods have been intro to baby Si!
Coz she's been eating lots of varieties n been eating well :)

Below are the new foods that has been introduced:
Bell peppers
Green beans
Lentils (Dhal)
Homemade yogurt (tairu)

Note: baby Si has been intro to her Indian genes food ;) she had her first taste of dhal and tairu!!!
How Indian can that be? VERY!!! She's more Indian than her daddy....LOL
"Once u tasted black, u won't turn back"
And u read that right...homemade yogurt!!! Made by urs truly!!! Thanks to karthik's mum (Patti) for the recipe... I've been making it ever since I learned it (which was back then when we were dating) n since then onwards I have had homemade yogurt in my fridge (minus the times when we are away)... It is very very healthy. But we eat it mainly as smoothies n occasionally hubby will eat his yogurt rice ;)

*Thanks to our dear friend Priethaa for reminding me to add lentils (dhal) to baby Si's porridge!

Finger food:
Wheat bread (small pieces)
Scrambled egg yolks
Flakes of broiled, baked, or poached fish (but screen carefully for bones)
Oat circle cereals, wheat or rice puffs

So what does baby Si think of her gourmet meal???

Baby Si: yummy... Especially the pasta, puffs and flakes of fish as finger food!!!
Mummy: can't wait to try even more new foods as she will soon turn 10mths!!!

What new food should I intro next?
Stay tune to find out ;)

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