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Simplay3 Super Coupe Pedal Trike Review

Simplay3 Super Coupe Pedal Trike Review 

Being a mom means our minds are racing and working non stop 24/7 constantly thinking of what food to prepare, which brand of diapers/lotion/body wash/shampoo/etc... to choose from, cloth diaper vs. disposable ones, organic vs. non organic, sling vs. carrier, and lots more... but when it comes to toys, I'm sure every mom will unanimously agree that safety and durability is our no.1 priority! 

Having 2 kids, I'm hoping that the toys we buy will last a long time... we've been a fan of Little Tikes and Step2 ever since the kids were born (I'm sure every home has at least one of these toys laying around amidst the mountain pile of toys).

             (Here is our Little Tikes fire engine car that we had in Singapore! 
             Sienna and Skyler misses it very much!!! 
             It might have been their first Little Tikes toy that they owned!)

Let me introduce you to a new, innovative brand called Simplay3, which is founded by the same person behind these successful brands. It has a range of toys such as trikes, wagons and push cars as well as home products for adults, yes ADULTS including step stools, mailboxes, and an adorable wheelbarrow perfect for gardening. They are constantly innovating bringing you more assortment of products from the young to the old.
Now this momma can share "toys" with our kids... win win!!!

Sienna and Skyler were blessed to review Simplay3 brand new Super Coupe Pedal Trike. It is the perfect toy for both their ages, 4 and soon to be 6!



Mr. Hubby aka daddy had the "privilege" a.k.a "forced by mommy" to assemble it. He was pleasantly surprised that only a few parts needed to be assembled as most of it came pre-assembled!!! That goes with Simplay3 motto of spending more time playing and less time with assembly and instructions. Only a minor complication was encountered where 2 of the connections were challenging to put together as the screw didn't easily align up to where it needs to go into. But nothing a super daddy couldn't fix!!!

The kids were off with their new toy in no is winter now and we are blasted with the winter artic freeze. Temperatures were below 20F. None of the kids in our neighbourhood are out playing, so we decided to have them ride indoors instead. Yes, you heard that right! What brilliant, smart move it was!

First look at it, Sienna and Skyler knew that it was their new ride


Sienna loves that it was brightly colored and you could spot it from a mile away. 
And that it is actually a tricycle but shaped like a car with motorbike handles. 
3 in 1 design feature.

Skyler (my boy who loves all things with wheels) just loves it so much, that he drives it every single day from the time he wakes up till night time where he parks it back in it's parking spot!!! (OCD much?)

Mommy loves that it's durable (super sturdy) and best of all SAFE! N easy to clean...

Daddy loves that it's minimalistic.(assembly wise-not millions of small pieces to be screwed or get lost). 

Another plus point is since Sienna and Skyler are of different height, the seat is adjustable without screws or extra pieces and can quickly be switched from one position to the another as the 2 kids take turns using it. Sienna and Skyler had cousins over during the Christmas n new years break n we had no problem with it! Only problem the kids had was waiting eagerly for their 5 mins turn each... they secretly wished Santa Claus came bearing one each for all of them!!! LOLs...

The kids loved it so much. They took turns pushing each other and this momma ain't getting a heart attack that they might get hurt since the roof of the car acts as a safety barrier
So this momma is all relaxed, sipping my cup of coffee while listening to the kiddos joys n laughters!

The roof not only provides safety but when the weather gets warmer and we bring it outdoors, it will definitely keep the kiddos sheltered from the sun, heat and maybe a little drizzle perhaps?

This is definitely a great gift for your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews as it's a toy that grows with them (adjustable seats) and will last a long time
Best of all, the giggles and laughter remain forever!!!

The Simplay3 Super Coupe Pedal Trike is recommended for toddlers and children from 18 months old to 7 years old. It is Made in the U.S.A and it retails for $89.99 on their website at

Trivia question: 
Which of the two tricycles below would you let your kid ride with a peace of mind?

(Skyler riding "dangerously" as if he's the next F1 driver???

Disclaimer: No child was hurt in the taking of this picture!)

(Make your kids do some "work" too to "earn" their ride!!! 
Which kid doesn't like stickers anyways?)

Disclaimer: I have received this product in exchange for my honest (with love) review. All opinions are solely our own.

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