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La cure Dead Sea product review

La cure Dead Sea product review

Have you heard of Black Gold?
Okay this is not a trick question like does that dress look White and Gold or Blue and Black?

Black gold is actually often referred to the black mud you get directly from the Dead Sea
Why is this black mud so precious and highly sought after especially by celebrities
People travel far to float in the dead sea just to soak in the saltiest water and roll themselves "silly" in the fountain of youth black mud.

The black mud at the bottom of the Dead Sea absorbs this unusually high concentration of salts and rich minerals which have documented many health benefits! Alas, it is labeled as black GOLD!
This momma can only dream of travelling there now with 2 young kids in tow! But thankfully La Cure made me stop day dreaming as they can have their products delivered straight from Jordan right to your doorsteps with you still day dreaming in your pajamas...

Let me tell you why I'm choosy when it comes to skin care! I've been breastfeeding my 2 kids non stop (consecutively) for a total of 5 years. I've avoided using any skin care that contains any harsh chemicals ever since I got pregnant. So when Skyler turned 3 on January 31st 2017, I stopped breastfeeding (reached my goal)! But my skincare routine hasn't changed too much. I still tend to navigate towards the natural skin care products! Once you've tried au natural, it's hard to take a step backwards.

"La Cure is an ISO 9001 certified brand. La cure always believed in giving the safe and healthy products to their customers. La Cure makes sure to meet all regulations and International Standards. La Cure is Paraben free, Alcohol-free, contains no chemical additives and no animal products."

Here are 5 products that I choose for myself (and Mr. Hubby)!
Dead Sea mud soap, facial mud mask, Massage oil, soothing foot cream, protective day cream.

1) Facial mud mask

As mentioned, the black mud is extracted directly from the Dead Sea bed, thus containing a rich blend of beneficial minerals mixed with honey and natural oils.
Apply all over your face and neck, avoiding eyes area.
Leave the mask for 5-10 minutes on dry skin, 10-15 minutes on normal skin, and 20-30 minutes on oily skin, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Remember to shake the tube well before each use (this mom brain forgot this important step n some black gold liquid came dripping down~ such waste n messy)

It cleanses the skin deeply, clears the pores and removes the dead skin.
It doesn't leave the skin dry at all (like some mud masks do) because of the presence of honey and natural oils.
It leaves your skin feeling soft and bright.

Cons~ u literally smell like MUD!!! If you've been camping n surrounded by wet mud before, this is it! But I'm thankful that it smells like mud, coz I know I'm getting au natural n not some mud masked (pun intended, lols!) by the smells of roses or lavender!

2) Dead Sea mud soap

If the muddy smell or walking around the house is scaring your hubby (in my case) or kids with your black face (pun intended), try this mud soap instead!!!

It still has the same benefits of the mud mask and more! 
It can be used from head to has natural oils blended into the dead sea mud so it is really moisturizing your skin at the same time! 
Win win for busy moms like me. 
Shower + moisturize ~> 2 in 1 combo!

3) Protective Day Cream

I have to admit that I only use protective day cream whenever I go out or sometimes only when the sun is shining brightly (coz of the spf sunscreen protection).
I'm glad La Cure has forged me into forming good habits by making me put it on everyday (even when I'm at home which is most days since I'm a SAHM) as it contains natural goodness of the Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil.

Loves ~
That it keeps my face protected, hydrated and moisturized during this winter season. (I have yet to try it during the summer)
It doesn't feel heavy at all. Most creams feel heavy and rich when applied, but this feels light and super absorbent! More like a lotion perhaps?

Since my cream foundation has been getting dry (due to the lack of usage), I just pump a small amount of protective day cream and mix it with my "dried" out foundation and voila, it spreads evenly and have a smooth finished!

4) Soothing foot cream

Used this on Mr. Hubby and gave him a good foot massage!
He, in return gave me one back as I said I had to review it as a patient instead of the massuer ... Lols!

We both like it (neutral smell) and again it doesn't feel heavy like what you expect a cream to feel. It is super absorbent and you could walk around the house just minutes after the massage without leaving oily marks on the floors. But yeah, La Cure recommends to use it right before you sleep.

I wore my home socks (since it's cold now) after using this foot cream and slept overnight with it. It helped lock in the moisture even more.

5) Massage oil.

This is the last product we reviewed and I must say this momma gives a 10 out of 10 for this massage oil. Let me tell you, Mr. Hubby and I have been finding for a massage oil ever since coming to the USA (we've been spoilt by cheap yet good and smells great massage oil from Bali when we were living in Singapore). It is not easy to find one in drug stores here in the USA. I finally just gave up and made do with baby oil.

This massage oil from La Cure is amazing! Just a few drops goes a long way. Mr. Hubby kept massaging my back non stop without needing to re-pump for more oil. 
We were impressed that it's so smooth and spreadable, making the massage easier on the massuer (less effort) and enjoyable for the patient (maximum pleasure without any stops in between)!
It doesn't leave the skin feeling oily at all.
The big bottle can definitely last for a very very long time. Definitely a good deal I must say! 
This money saving mom definitely approves of this.

Don't expect this oil to transport you to a spa in Bali where it smells like a combination of yummy spices (sandalwood, lotus, jasmine, cardamom, lemongrass, etc.). It has a very neutral smell which might turnout to be a pro rather than a con since Mr. Hubby doesn't wanna be left smelling like a flower after his massage session!

I am definitely satisfied with the products I got from La Cure after just using it for a month.
Let me remind you that La Cure is Paraben free, Alcohol-free, contains no chemical additives and no animal products.
No need to waste money to travel to the Dead Sea when you can have it delivered right to your doorsteps!

Here's the website information. 
Just for my readers who would like to purchase these amazing products from the Dead Sea La Cure, here's 10% off for those interested. 

Code: Jamie10
(Note : The code can be indicated on the instructions box and it will be calculated manually.)

Minor suggestion: To improve on the product packaging to match the luxurious products on the inside. Which girl doesn't like to receive pretty packages? But its what inside that counts anyways!

Disclaimer: I have received this product in exchange for my honest (with love) review. All opinions are solely our own.

    More pictures taken with my ever-ready "models"

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