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Silk Plants Direct review

Silk Plants Direct review                                        

Anyone who has been following me on IG/FB knows that I'm trying to grow my first indoor herb garden but so far it's not looking great. And Mr. Hubby has also had a history of killing my cactus plants when I was busy working as an air stewardess/hostess. Yes, you read that right, C-A-C-T-U-S!!!  (It was a small test, before getting "us" a puppy pre kids, thankfully he failed that test n we ended up having kids instead... muhahahaha)
This husband-wife DUO definitely has zero green fingers, more like brown fingers... Lols!!! (hoping our kids will turn out better)

So, when the opportunity came to receive fake plants delivered to my doorstep, this momma signed up immediately!!!
Fake=no need water=no need sunlight=no need TLC=no need to RIP...
This momma has to admit that I have NOT taken any initiative to beautify our home since we have moved 3 times in a span of 1 year in the USA and 2 times in a span of 6 months in Singapore! N who knows when our next move is. From past statistics, we might be heading in the direction of moving again ...
And since we travel so much, what better way than fake plants???

Silk Plants offers lots of variety ranging from bamboo, palm trees, center pieces, garlands, cactus ~> yes, fake cactus!!! , trees, wreaths, etc...
"Silk Plants Direct has been importing, manufacturing, designing and installing silk plants and trees since the 1980's through our parent company, a leading national landscaping firm. After starting the company with a focus on live plants and trees, we discovered that many of our customers found them hard to maintain and, in some cases, too costly. "
If you are clueless about plants/flowers (just like me), silk direct plants website is awesome whereby you can narrow down your search according to the color of the flowers of your liking or the shape or the size of the plant or whether you are looking for outdoor/indoor plants. If you are still hopeless, you can browse their bestsellers. Or if you are a self proclaimed plant expert, you can directly go to the plant species of your choice. As for me, I knew I wanted a wreath to beautify my bare front door and seeing how my neighbours have beautified theirs, I chose a bright yellow color to pop against my blue doors. (Yes, the peep hole is still a peep hole n can be seen! Mr. hubby made me check)
I think I made a pretty right choice on my wreath! I feel very Christmas-sy n in holiday mode every time I enter the front of all, I can leave it hanging there all year long! #LazyMamaHack
I chose the 24 inch yellow Forsynthia wreath (comes in a pack of 2) and a Phalaenopsis white Orchid plant. Yes, I can barely pronounce those scientific names what more spell it correctly. Lols! I just know that it looks pretty...and by the looks of the pictures, I think the kiddos love it too!
The white Orchid plant is just the right size for our washroom aka downstairs bathroom.
Mr. Hubby asked if it had any smell to it. I wish!!! ***rolls eyes***
Just for fun, "My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them".
Thank you CSI Wall Panels for sending these lovely wreaths and orchid which I selected and thank you for beautifying our home and helping us make it feel a little more homely!

Just for my readers who would like to purchase from Silk Plants Direct,  here's 10% off (except for custom) for those interested. 


Disclaimer: I have received this product in exchange for my honest (with love) review. All opinions are solely our own.

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