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How has motherhood changed me

This post is part of a blog train started by Pooja Kawatra of Mums & Babies and she has networked to bring together 41 moms across the globe.
I wanna thank Menaka for introducing me. Here's her take on motherhood.
Unfortunately I'm the last mom on this wonderful blog train hosted by Pooja.
Pooja has also shared her own views on motherhood here. Meet ALL 41 moms here and read each and every one of their amazing stories!

So here's my take on how motherhood has changed me... 
I've added a unique twist to it + sprinkled  some spice on it!

Dear mommy to-be n to ALL mommies out there,

Don't forget to take time n smell the roses as the days are long but the years are short!

Don't forget to shower even though you might have a crying or laughing audience with you ALL the time!!!

Don't forget that COFFEE is your best friend or WILL be your best friend...

Don't forget to SLEEP!!! This momma has ALWAYS needed her beauty sleep even pre-kids... so I nap with my kids EVERYDAY. I have gone 5 years straight (breastfeeding 2 kids in total) not sleeping through the night. Count yourself blessed if you have a newborn that sleeps thru the night!

Don't forget to eat even though only leftovers are left. You will find yourselves a new "favourite" ~> eating ONLY bread crust, pizza crusts, licking n cleaning up yogurt containers n apple pits!

Don't forget to get out of your pajamas, put on make up n enjoy some "ME" time!!!Your sanity will thank you for this... even if it's just running to Starbucks/toastbox to get a cuppa of perk-me-up drink!

Don't be the "kiasu" aka tiger mom, rather just be a mom or better still a cool mom!!! Your kid might just wanna hang out with this cool mom...

Don't forget to learn how to close one eye n let the house be a mess... even the most O.C.D mommy will not win this battle after becoming a mom! One day your house will be all "spik and span" but it will be still with quietness!

Don't forget to put clocks in every single room.  I have always been an on time person even before having kids. On my wedding day, everything on my itinerary was on time. Even after having 2 kids, I have been on time for everything. As the Malaysian/Singaporean saying goes, "chop chop curry pop"

Don't forget to upgrade to an extra extra large washing machine as the laundry will be never ending after having kids. Once u upgrade your status to motherhood, upgrade your washing machine too! Oh, don't forget a robotic vacuum cleaner too... I'm still working on getting it...***hint hint Mr. Hubby***

Don't forget to pluck your eyebrows every now n then, to look decently okay!!!

Don't forget to close your door when you do your "business" aka #2 even though you have a screaming baby wailing on the other side of the door...

Don't forget to answer every single question in the world as your kids favourite questions are the "Why???" questions... Don't worry, you don't have to be Einstein, Mr. Google to the rescue!

Don't forget to throw or donate all your high heels after becoming a mom!!! You will NEVER EVER wear those... well, you might think to keep it n perhaps wear it in the future but by the time you loose all those mommy flabs (or if you ever do), your shoes would have R.I.P by then!

Don't forget to wash your hair! But if you don't, dry shampoo sprays do exists...

Don't forget to give hugs, kiss, hold hands and carry your kids as much as you can!!! Yes, carry!!! Even how heavy they are... coz they don't stay babies/toddlers that long! N they grow up way too fast...

Don't forget to have selective hearing!!! From the time they wake up till they fall asleep, the "radio" is constantly on the highest volume. There's no way to shut the radio off or even turn the volume down. So I've learnt to be selective in my hearing...

Don't be fooled by the saying, "when you are pregnant, you can eat for 2!!!" This is a LIE n don't be like me, learnt it too late until it was just TOO late... or maybe I was happily eating n enjoying in denial...

Don't forget to throw away ALL your granny panties that you've been wearing during all your pregnancies AFTER having your LAST kid (even though it feels "OH so COMFY"). You have lost your entitlement n your hubby (and YOU) will thank me for it...

Don't forget to travel... you will be carrying excess baggage from shopping anyways, what's a few more smelly, farty, burpy, wiggly excess baggage anyways... that's what the hubby is there for!!! Lols...I've been travelling more than any other average people that I know (having grown up with a pilot dad n then me as an air stewardess/hostess) n now my kids are well travelled too!!!

Don't forget to keep falling in love with ur hubby every single day (even though some days you might wanna strangle him). The day will come when ur kids will leave your nest, n all u have is your hubby!!! Lols...

Don't forget to have the babysitter number on speed dial. (We have yet to use one).

Don't forget to go on date nights every now and then... n sip a little wine if u fancy! Me n Mr. Hubby will need to do work on this point and utilize the previous point above!

Don't forget to find yourself in the midst of all this craziness.

Don't forget to be YOU. Yes, you are a mother, wife, daughter, sister, daughter in law, friend to others but don't forget to be YOU. Keep going on with your favourite hobby or learn a new thing or two!

Don't forget to DON'T FORGET all the above as ALL mommies have been promoted to having MOM brain once you become a mom!!!

Remember a happy momma = happy babies= happy hubby!!!
As Holly (pastor Steven Furtick's wife) from my church (Elevation church) says, "The wife sets the temperature in the family"!  you decide which setting you want your family to live in every single day.
So go be that "HOT" momma, just kidding!!! Lols...
It's okay for us momma to have a bad day every now n then, just take time out n sulk for a minute or two (behind closed toilet doors).

So how has motherhood changed me?
I would say it's just being me but a better version of ME!!!

From another Mommy!!!
Mommy Jamie 

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