Monday, 30 October 2017


What perfect timing it is to received a book about "Being a mom is..." right after I did a blog post about "how motherhood has changed me"!!! 

"Being a mom is...Always being in love" written by Anna Belle.

Do keep in mind that I'm NOT a BOOK reader AT ALL...
Give me lifestyle/gossips/health/recipe magazines, yes yes yes!!!
But when this opportunity came, I had to grab this book coz as soon as I saw a preview of it, I was hooked!!! 
Not only it has beautiful cartoon-ish pictures, most importantly it has very very few wordings but don't get me wrong, these short wordings has deep meaningful & beautiful words to it!
And bonus points: How many adult books out there that looks like a children book???
As soon as Sienna and Skyler saw the book, they immediately told mommy n daddy to read it for them and Sienna attempted to read a few lines.

At first I thought it was gonna be a small, few pages kinda book... but boy was I wrong, it's quite large and has lots of pages!!!

This momma would like to share a few of many quotes from the book that resonates with me.

"Being a mom is... stocking up on diapers!"

"Being a mom is... Loving little fingers and toes "

"Being a mom is...accepting your mommy tummy"

"Being a mom is... reserving time for your mom too"

"Being a mom is...going crazy with stickers"

"Being a mom is... acting silly with your little ones"

"Being a mom is...going to the zoo annually"

"Being a mom is...sometimes difficult"

"Being a mom is... being showered with kisses"

"Being a mom is...crying during their kindergarten graduation"

"Being a mom is...when you are a grapevine"

"Being a mom is... giving them time to take on new challenges"

"Being a mom is... helping them pursue their dreams"

"Being a mom is... bundling them up on winter mornings"

"Being a mom is...a joy ride"

"Being a mom is... Loving your family"

This book is definitely a keeper as it will bring back lots of memories down the road (even now reading it made me teary eyed). Yes, every mom is different and will experience different things. Even each baby is different. No two moms are the same but ultimately LOVE "trumps" a.k a conquers ALL as the title of the books reads, "Being a mom is... always being in love"

Sienna and Skyler gave me a big hug and said "You are the best mommy!!!" right after daddy read this book aloud to them while mommy was listening + doing the dishes! 
***awww, makes me wanna do more dishes...NOT***

This book will make such a lovely gift to moms-to-be, baby shower, mother's day for mom/grandma/aunt/etc...

Just for my readers who would like to purchase this one of a kind book, here's 10% off plus FREE shipping for those interested. Hurry this deal won't last long.

Disclaimer: I have received this product in exchange for my honest (with love) review. All opinions are solely our own.

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