Thursday, 12 October 2017

6 Reasons to NEVER take your kids to Disney On Ice “Frozen”

This is Mr. Hubby's aka daddy's 2nd time reviewing after attending our kids media invite. 
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Written by Karthik Naga aka Mr. Hubby aka daddy #SiennaSkyler

On October 5th, 2017, we took our kids, Sienna and Skyler, to the Disney On Ice show “Frozen” in Charlotte, NC.  It is the second time we were sponsored to watch Disney On Ice, the first one being in Singapore.  That was the “Magical Ice Festival”, which showcased short segments of many legendary Disney movies including “The Little Mermaid”, “Beauty and the Beast” and “Frozen”.  While that gave a taste of many different stories and songs, this “Frozen” production was all about Anna and Elsa’s epic story of love and rivalry in the wintery wonderland of Arendelle.

For as long as we can remember our daughter, Sienna, has been a huge fan of “Frozen” and the song “Let It Go”.  She was excited to see the whole show in Singapore, but this time she knew that 2 hours of purely “Frozen” fun and songs would be unforgettable.  There are many articles and blogs about the show and so we thought we would take a unique approach in ours.  Here we list the reasons to NEVER take your kids to a Disney On Ice performance.

6 Reasons to NEVER take your kids to Disney On Ice “Frozen” (written from a dad's perspective)

Reason 1: You would find it difficult to spot your daughter in a sea of Elsa and Anna look-alikes

Pretty much every girl you see at the show is dressed like Elsa or Anna.  We have a strict hand holding rule in public and especially in crowds, but this show takes it to a whole new level.  Not only are there a lot of adults and kids, but you might very well have never seen so many girls wearing the same outfit!

However, this is a good place to practice safety in crowds before heading to Disney World as that might be the biggest and most crowded fun kids’ place in the world!

Reason 2: You would have Disney songs stuck in your head for at least a few months after the show
One of my favorite parts of Disney movies is the music that they produce.  Their tunes are catchy and the lyrics are ones that kids can sing along to and memorize.  Our daughter Sienna has been singing “Let It Go” since the age of 3 and after this show even our son Skyler has been humming along to many more songs from the show.

The truth is, no matter how hard you will try to get the songs out of your head, it is very challenging to “Let It Go”!

Reason 3: You would have to start sending the kids for classes immediately
Don’t be surprised if your kids gain an interest in dancing, singing, acting and ice skating after watching this show.  When seeing a show that is so professionally planned and effortlessly executed, it raises the excitement level that kids have in growing talents and performing in front of family, friends and even the public.  Overcoming a fear of performing is important, and watching others do that at a young age makes other kids want to do the same.

Sienna and Skyler have loved dancing and Sienna loves to sing, so this show further grows that interest and they will take that with them when they learn in class on how to overcome stage fright when performing in front of a big crowd.

Reason 4: You would have to watch the movie “Frozen” before and many times after the show
The Disney “Frozen” movie is the perfect preparation prior to the Disney On Ice show.  It introduces the characters and the story to the kids and gets them in that Disney kind of spirit.  But after watching the 2-hour performance live, the kids will surely have a whole new perspective of the story.  It literally comes to life and having come so close to the characters, the kids will want to watch the movie again soon after.

This is very similar to watching one’s favorite sports team on the TV for many years before watching them live and in person with the excitement and euphoria of the crowd.  If a kid goes through that experience, it becomes more personal and the bond grows strong in a whole different way.

Reason 5: You would end up filling your home with Disney memorabilia
You might have thought that buying tickets to the Disney On Ice was within budget, but little do you realize that there are more tempting treats on the way to your seat, on the way to the restrooms and on the way back home.  Right when you get in line, you’ll be given the opportunity to buy a program for the show.  Right after you enter, there’s a picture opportunity with an Elsa and Anna backdrop that will surely get your kids’ attention. Who can say no to a souvenir of a once-in-a-lifetime show?
As you walk inside to your seating section, you’ll see little dolls of your favorite Disney characters.  Even while you are peacefully enjoying the show, vendors come right to your seat selling snow cones and cotton candy in an Olaf cup.  If you can resist buying things before and during the show, try saying no to your kids as they beg for one on the way back home!

Reason 6: You would be tempted to fly to Disney World right away
Disney On Ice is very much representative of the excellence and talent of the Walt Disney company.  It weaves together original storytelling, exceptional musicality, realistic acting, innovative characterization, and colorful stage props in a way that only Disney can.  Add to this the added excitement of doing the whole production on ice, and you have entertainment for all ages.  Sienna and Skyler were smiling and waving the entire time.  We, the parents sat back and took in the talents on display, while marveling at our kids’ excitement.

It’s hard to come out of this show not wanting to take it one giant leap further: by going to the place where you can literally live inside of this excitement: Disney World.  Instead of further tempting yourself to see your kids marvel at the world of Disney, stay away from this show, because once you see it, you really have little chance at saying "NO" to a trip to Orlando theme park.

Yes, Sienna and Skyler have yet to visit the most magical place on earth -> Disney World.
Yes, it is on our "to go" list... Soon, hopefully soon!

Disclaimer: This is a Media invite sponsored by Hornets Sports & Entertainment. All opinions are solely our own.