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Hi, My name is Sienna Chaw Naga aka Baby Si. My daddy's name is Karthik and mummy's is Jamie aka KarMie (Karthik+Jamie). 
I am proud to be a Chin-dian!!! My daddy is an Indian American, mummy a Malaysian Chinese and they met in the States while working together at Cummins, Inc. I was made in China :) Since then, I have travelled to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, USA, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia (all while being comfortably in mummy's womb). I took my first trip when I was only 3 months n we went to Phuket, Thailand as mummy needed a vacation! 2 yrs later, my parents gave me a baby brother, Skyler Chaw Naga aka baby Skye! Now we live in Charlotte,NC (USA)...
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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Happy 35 mths to baby Si and happy 13 mths old to baby Skye!!!

Happy 35 mths to baby Si and happy 13 mths old to baby Skye!!!

(previous month's post <~ if u missed it!

Here's our monthly family tradition of taking Polaroid pics.
Hopefully baby Si n baby skye pics will cheer up ur day!!!
It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :)

Milestones reached:
.Baby Skye able to "pai shou" - clap hands when asked! <- 1st chinese word :)
.Baby Skye able to raise both arms up when we say "praise the Lord"
.Baby Skye able to wave when we say bye/hi
.8.6 kg, 76.5cm during his doc's checkup n vaccination on 17th feb 
.Baby Skye enjoying his tooth brushing experience since his 2 bottom teeth started to sprout last month!
.Baby Skye stood up on his own, took the walker and walked more than 10 steps all on his own!

.baby Si able to say her teachers and most of her friends name at school!!!
.baby Si able to sing her 1st chinese song all by herself from start to finish...
"Liang Che lau hu"... This is a big accomplishment since this mummy is a "banana" and daddy a "potato"!!! (Baby Si done it for quite sometime now) - forgot to record it down.

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