Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Baby Si vs. baby KarMie#2...

Many friends have commented why there isn't much updates on my pregnancy on baby KarMie2???
Well... Nothing much to update except that baby KarMie2 is gonna be a BOY and that he's happily hibernating in mummy's belly!!!

So I came up with a list of comparison of my pregnancy journey...

Baby Si vs. baby KarMie2:

This pregnancy wt baby KarMie#2 is totally diff than baby Si!
.more nausea and puking any time of the day during 1st trimester...hence lost weight!
.certain smells make me gag (seaweed)
.1st trimester, belly was bigger compared to baby Si...but smaller there after (maybe coz skin and muscles have been stretched out after the 1st pregnancy)
.prefer eating noodles than rice...wt baby Si, loved eating Ayam penyet...that I ate it so frequently (hence the 16kg weight gain with baby Si)! This time definitely less than that!!!
.cant sleep during the nite...(means more time to write blogs???)
.eating more junk food (especially in the middle of the nite) n coffee - since its the 2nd pregnancy, was a little bit more lenient on my diet!
.baby KarMie#2 started kicking even during the 1st trimester...whereas baby Si during the last trimester (even then, she seldom kicked)...
.kicks a lot...especially at night
.no cravings either this time.
.itchy legs due to hormonal imbalance 
.no indigestion or heartburn
.less hairy
.less leg cramps (twice so far)... Baby Si (less than 10 times in the middle of sleeping)
.no water retention n no foot swelling...(with baby Si, foot swelled even with alleviation) 
.belly button sticks out...they say if it's a boy, it will stick out (not sure how true)???
.belly is more rounded and pointy to the front...(baby Si was more sideways)
.more backaches...maybe coz too much traveling & outings, tending to baby Si, household chores, etc...
. Pelvic KarMie2 is sitting low (baby Si was way up high even through the very end)
. Baby Si was a BIG baby...coming out a whooping 3.5kg!!! Baby KarMie2 is projected to be much less than that...

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