Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Baby si Potty trained??? Success or failure...

3DayPottyTraining.com By Lora Jensen 

Deviation from the book:
. Started a wee bit early...around 21 months. The author said the ideal age is a minimum of 22 months.  (But baby KarMie2 is due to pop out when baby si turns 22+ months)
. Skipped the nap and night time part...(This heavily preggie mummy does not have the energy nor is willing to wash and change sheets daily)
. Still wearing diapers when out and about... The author mentioned to bring along a portable travel potty or seat cover! (Errrrmmmm, NOPS... Don't wanna be seen in public lugging ard a potty??? Plus, this preggie mummy does not wanna be cleaning and washing the stroller!!!)
. Skipped wearing underwear and went bottomless instead...the author said to prepare about 20 pieces of underwear (this mummy again does not wanna be washing underwears nonstop!!!)

1st jan- 1st day...poop n pee on floor...did say wanna go, but missed it everytime. Scared of the portable potty but did indicate wanna sit on mummy n papa potty.
2nd day- poo poo on big toilet with the help of seat cover fr potty set. Got a sticker n was proud. But still 1 poopoo n 3 peepee accidents
3rd day - poo poo once in big toilet...But still 1 poopoo n 3 peepee accidents...many false alarm n refuse to sit on toilet for long.

Stopped taking notes after the 3rd day...
basically be prepared for:
.Lots of false alarm
.Lots of accidents
.Lots of time spend on toilet seat, sometimes "fruitful", sometimes "fruitless"...but we did do lots of singing and entertaining to kill time!
.Endless reminder, that I sound like an answering machine... 
"Pee pee, poo poo must tell mummy or papa"
"Eeeeewwww pee pee/poo poo on the floor yucky yucky"
"Sienna big girl now, poo poo and pee pee on big toilet just like mummy and papa"
.Lots of praises and high fives when she finally goes!

Baby Si got excited everytime she goes:
She loves the sticker chart
She loves her gummy vitamin reward or chocolate biscuits...we hardly give her anything sweet, so this is a treat for her!!!

Thank God she hardly had accidents on the couch! She did it once on first day, and saw how mummy had to clean the blanket over it...she got the gist...

Grateful for:
A helpful hubby that takes over the potty training job when he gets home...
Being heavily pregnant and having to clean up accidents (being on hands and knees with a big belly in the way is no joke) 3-4 times a day!!!

3 days as the author claimed...is a miracle!!! 
Was a success for us in just over 10 days!!! (But of coz accidents will happen here and there)
But it was smooth sailing once she got the hang of it...she is able to say "na na poo poo/pee pee", and then walk to the toilet and waited to go...didnt leak at all...
(Update: not scared of portable potty anymore - able to open the potty cover, sit on her own, finish her "business", wiped herself with tissue after pee pee, n throw it into the potty, close the potty cover, and claps hands, demands for a sticker and a gummy or chocolate reward)

Kudos to baby Si... We r so proud of her!!! She was just turning 21 months old when we started this...
Daddy said, "can't believe baby Si is gonna start wearing underwear!!!....she's not even 2!!!" 
Mummy says, "yes, can't wait... baby Si is gonna be diaper-less!!! And say hello to Prada & Gucci bags... Shopping time....No more carrying diaper bags... "

Oh wait, back from la la land to reality... Baby KarMie#2 is coming soon!!! N back to diaperland...

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