Friday, 31 January 2014

Arrival of baby KarMie#2

Baby KarMie#2 is no longer baby KarMie2...
Introducing our baby boy name "Skyler Chaw Naga",
born on 31 jan 2014, 1910, 2.62kg, VBAC
The meaning of Skyler is "shelter, scholar, protector".  

A bit on Chinese culture:
He came at the perfect time!!! to usher in the Chinese New Year... 
And he made it to be a "Horse" baby...
(Not superstitious in any traditional way)
But just happy that baby Si was born in the year of the "Dragon" 
and baby Skyler in the year of the "Horse"

Now a bit of western culture:
According to the western culture, when introducing the older one(s) to 
their new sibling, they would present each other with a gift!!!

Lurve this idea :) and that was exactly what we did...
when we introduced Sienna to Skyler for the 1st time! 
Since much of the focus n attention will be on baby Skyler, we still wanted Sienna to know 
that we still love her as much as before...or even more :)

Read more about this tradition on gift giving to reduce sibling rivalry or jealousy....

Karthik, Jamie & Baby Si are excited to announce the arrival of Skyler Chaw Naga!!!
Thank you for all your encouragement and prayers during this wonderful time... 

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