Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Christmas Decoration Project and Gift Supplies from Dollar Tree

Holiday season is just around the corner and I'm sure many of us will be spending more than usual to prepare for it, be it decorating the house or gifting gifts to our loved ones.  
What better way to do it by doing yourself a.k.a D.I.Y. I'll be sharing 2 simple projects that I've done all using $1 items that can be easily found at Dollar Tree.   
This money saving mom approves!!!  

1) Christmas Tree using string lights.  

Since our family moves around a lot, getting a huge Christmas tree + deco is a NO NO for now!

So for this simple project, I only needed to use 1 string light to make this Christmas "Tree". 
If you need to make a bigger one, you can either get a longer string light or joined 2 string lights together!  

After sticking the string lights to the 
wall using tape, I then added a star sticker on the top ("borrowed" the sticker from my kids which they got from church) and a few ornaments ("borrowed" it from my kids which they got it from some kid's events)  

Total cost = $1.  
Total time = 15 minutes.   
(I put it up the night before Christmas to surprised the kiddos n placed all the Christmas presents under the finished "tree"... Boy were they surprised the next day!!!)  

2) Gift Basket for ALL occasions.  
A gift basket is the easiest gift to "wrap"! 
All you need to do is get a basket (from DollarTree) and dump everything in!!! 
Then you get one of the many fun n colorful designs of giant gift sack wrapper (from DollarTree), gather the top of the bag together, and tie with the cord ribbon that's included. And finish it off with a to/from gift tag that's also included!!! 
And voila, you have a beautiful gift basket ready in minutes...  

Tip: If you are making a small gift basket, you can half the giant gift sack wrapper and use it to make 2 gift baskets!!! Just have to tape the bottom of one of the cut halves. Even more value for the money... Lol!!!  

Total cost = $1 (basket~comes in many shapes n sizes) + $1 (giant gift sack wrapper~comes with 1 wrapper, 1 tie cord and 1 gift tag) = $2   
Total time = 5 minutes.   

Do share with me in the comments box down below if you have any dollar tree projects you have worked on! Would love to see your creations ;)   
Happy Holidays everyone...   

Here's a fun video of Princess Anna Clause (Sienna) and Superhero Bat Clause (Skyler) sharing how Dollar Tree can help you get all of your Christmas supplies!

***I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.***    

$1 Holiday Deco


$1 Stocking Stuffers

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