Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Checklist before school starts

This year, my daughter Sienna is in 1st grade and my son Skyler is in pre K. 

It's only been our 2nd year of formal schooling here in USA, so this momma is still quite new to this system n getting the hang of it. Since the routine seems to be the same every school year, I thought I'll jot down my to-do list for my future reference moving forward...
***mom brain***. 

Hope it's useful for your mom brain too ;)
Do comment in the comment box below if I have missed anything...

1 month before

Immunization ~ This is VERY important!!!
In order for your child to attend school, his/her immunization record needs to be up to date. 
Do schedule an appointment and complete their wellness check + immunization! 

School supplies ~ Start looking out for school supplies n compare prices using store flyers (Walmart, Walgreens, rite aid, CVS, target, Dollar General,etc). 
I particularly love shopping at Staples for school supplies as they do price match and they will email you store coupons ($5 off $10, etc...) too. Double win!!! 
Buy more if you think it's a good deal and stock up for next year(s)...
(To my readers outside of USA who might not be familiar with the USA school system...the public/magnet/charter schools here are free to attend, but new school supplies have to be provided to the school every year <- the supply list will be given every year)

School uniforms
Some schools do not require school uniforms and some schools do. My daughter transferred from a school that does not to one that requires. I personally love the idea and convenience of school uniforms as I grew up in Malaysia wearing school uniforms every single day!!! 
I found out that they only start selling school uniforms towards the end of summer. 
There's a good reason for it as kids have growth spurts so the later you buy them the better!!!
Target, old navy, Walmart, etc sells them. 
I bought my daughter's dresses online from Gymboree for a great deal! 

Tip: My daughter's school allows white, khaki and navy blue colors for tops. Navy blue and khaki for bottoms. Try to avoid buying white tops as you would end up with a black one by the end of the school year. Lol! 

Tip: Try to avoid buying shorts (okay maybe buy 1 or 2) as your kids can only wear it for a short period of time before the weather gets cold. 
My daughter's school allows leggings under dresses and skirts! 
Yayyy... that means she can wear throughout the year including winter!

Some schools only allow close toes shoes so sandals aren't allowed. I learnt it the hard way as my daughter was able to wear sandals in her previous school. So when she joined the new school, she had to only wear close toes shoes! And during summer break, my kids wear sandals EVERY single day!!!
So when it was time to go back to school, my daughter couldn't fit into her sports shoes... so we had to scramble to buy her new close toe shoes!!!

Tip: always try on their shoes a week before school starts. 
You never know when your kids might have a growth spurt!!! 
Including socks too...

1-3 days before

  • Cut finger nails
  • Hair cuts
  • Label lunch bag, water bottle, lunch box

Night before

  • Get ready uniforms/outfits
  • Extra change of clothes to be kept at school (preschool age)
  • Back pack
  • Socks, shoes
  • Transportation tags on lanyard 
  • Snacks
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch bag
  • A special 1st day encouragement post it note/letter in their lunch bag!
    "Enjoy ur 1st day of school"
    "Hope your day is going well, can't wait to see you soon!"

1-7 days after school starts.

Head to stores like Target, Walmart, etc to find school supplies on clearance. 
This is the time to stock up for next school year(s)!!!
School bags, lunch boxes, lunch bags n school uniforms will go on sale too...

All year round

I stocked up on snacks whenever I see a good deal. 
Since I coupon, I have a stockpile ready to feed an army!!! 
I try to buy the healthier kinds but it is a challenge. 
So I pack lots of fruits to balanced their diet and add more nutrients. 
Since Sienna is in school for many hours, snacks are essential. I packed their lunches too...
(Sienna gets to buy lunch at the school cafeteria once every few weeks)
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If you would like to try Little Nut, a snack that helps Reduce Risk of Peanut Allergy, click here for the link to it.

If your kids like Lance snacks as much as my kids, and would like to purchase it in bulk I've found a pretty good deal! Lance Fresh Sandwich Crackers Variety Pack - 36 packs

Hope your little ones are enjoying school. 
Sienna n Skyler are loving theirs!!!

Wishing all stay at home mommas, happy "ME" time...
Guess where this momma went on her 1st day of mommy's "freedom"???
Target + Starbucks it is!!! 
Continuing the American tradition...

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