Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Letter to my 2nd born, Skyler Chaw Naga

Since your "jie jie" Sienna got her 1st letter from mommy, it's just natural that you get yours too, my "baby" Skyler!
(Okay, Mr. Hubby aka daddy...just to clear the air, don't be expecting one from me anytime soon yeah??? Lols)

Dear "baby" Skyler,

I know you have grown up but this momma will always call u my "baby" coz you are my LAST baby and I'm in denial to let my baby "go"!

When you were younger, you would not wear anything with buttons!!! 
Thank goodness you've outgrown this phobia n you could wear stylish button ups now...

You cried when mommy took u to your 1st professional haircut at the salon... so mommy took matters into her own hands n has given yours, your sister's n daddy's hair cuts ever since!!!

Since you started talking babyish (unlike your sister who started talking in full sentences since baby), your love language has always been in actions!!! You would kiss me unexpectedly everyday n sometimes surprise me by kissing my butt!!! You use to kiss me with your mouth wide open when u were a baby n thankfully a gentlemen now with your eyes shut n mouth close... sometimes even with tongue...***eeekksss*** Lols!!!

You frequently and randomly tell me "I Love you, mommy" at unexpected places n time like while you are going #2. I guess u think of mommy while poo poo-ing?

You like spicy food just like mommy!!! Hoping u would LOVE even spicier food so we can eat tom yum, nasi lemak n the spiciest buffalo wild wings n keep mommy company on our future "makan"/eating adventure dates together!!!

You are an awesome eater... you eat EVERYTHING n anything!!! You must have Malaysian blood in you n a true foodie (Just like mommy). But you need to learn to ALWAYS feed yourself coz sometimes you want mommy to feed you. And mommy obliged willingly as you are my "baby"!!!



You would look for mommy every morning 1st thing in the morning to wish me "jao an"/ good morning n give me hugs n kisses ... have to remind u to go pee pee first before cuddling on mommy's bed !!!

You always wake up with a SMILE!!! You have smiley eyes (just like daddy) ... You would light up the room whenever you walk in. It makes mommy smile widely just seeing u so happy. You always make my day so colorful n melt my sadness away!

You are a really good dancer ... you definitely didn't get it from ur mommy or daddy (coz they have 2 left feet). You must have gotten the grooves from your sister!!!

Ironically, You have 2 left feet...You would stumble (ever since young), even while walking. Or walk into walls n knock into tables. You walk/run zig zag n would trip other people walking next to you (your "jie jie" Sienna).

You are the drama king in the family. I would have thought it would be your sister.
Since you fumble a lot, you would cry as if it was the end of the world n requiring us to carry you n "sayang" n make us kiss your "boo boo".

You love cars, trucks, bus, trains, n everything with wheels!!! You would bring your favorite car with you EVERYWHERE even make pretend it's ur "phone" n keep it next to you while you sleep!


You adore your sister like nobody's business!!! You like to shadow and mirror EVERYTHING your "jie jie" say and do!!! To the point of eating, even your eating favorite food you would say no if jie jie says no...


You ask for "jie jie" every single day that she started kindergarten... when she's coming home, is she eating the same lunch as you, can you come along to the bus stop to pick "jie jie" up, etc!!!

You ALWAYS ask for another print out at the library so u can bring it home for "jie jie" and color together!

You are very particular n protective about your things!
You just have to have it YOUR way with your things... can't put our stuff on your papers, can't move your vehicle toys when you are lining it up, you keep your toys away once you are done with playing (this mommy approves), etc!!! 


Thank you for being YOU!!!
And thank God for making me your mommy...
My prayers ever since mommy found out I was becoming a mom of 2 (you were in my belly) is that you will always be HAPPY, HEALTHY and CONTENT... 
and God has blessed me with such wonderful son!!! 
I count my blessing every single day...

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