Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Letter to my firstborn, Sienna Chaw Naga

Dear Sienna,

Mommy is penning down these precious memories right before you head to kindergarten...
Oh my, have you grown into a little young lady...

You are the first to grab "di di" Skyler when a car comes close by and scolds him for not holding hands whenever we are in the parking lot.

You are the first to sayang "di di", wipe his tears and ask him to apologize to mommy n daddy whenever he is sent to the naughty room.

You are such a wonderful jie jie but stubborn at times, but that could come in handy as an adult.

You are really mature for your age ever since you were a baby. Mommy feels guilty at times for always asking you to give in to your "di di" coz you are the bigger "jie jie".

You read to your "di di" storybooks n make the story up when you don't know to read the words.

You play the teacher and teach him as if he is your student.

You have never ever baby talk before n have been talking in full proper sentences from when you started talking.

You are "di di's" translator whenever we can't understand what he is saying or when he is crying n mumbling at the same time.

You always like to win n be 1st but daddy taught us to shake hands with each other after a game n say "good game"!

You both hold hands sometimes when you sleep n it just melts my heart.

You kiss each other n hug n dance together.

You always ask me if you get the bigger portion of food n wink at me when we tell  "di di" it's the same portion.

You draw n cut nice arts&crafts telling me it's a present for mommy.

You would clean up your stuff/toys n then tell me you have a surprise waiting for me.

You are so eager to offer your help, whenever mommy and daddy are doing work.

You are Ms. popular at school and all (most) of the girls and boys love being around you, as much as you love being around them

You need to learn from "di di" about his eating habits as he eats almost EVERYTHING...especially eating your vegetables!

You have learnt how to be patient and wait. (most of the times)

You are such a good dancer (think you got it from your Sathya "athai"/aunty!

You can sing and remember the lyrics to many songs especially those on the radio! Thanks to all the long road trips we had...

Thank you for being YOU!!!
And thank God for making me your mommy...
My prayers ever since mommy found out I was becoming a mom (you were in my belly) is that you will always be HAPPY, HEALTHY and CONTENT... 
and God has blessed me with such wonderful daughter!!!
I count my blessing every single day...


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