Friday, 8 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!!

If you are a Singaporean or living in Singapore, you would know it's a BAD thing to appear on STOMP!!! <- unless you are craving for bad publicity :p

And mr. Hubby gave me a heart attack when he sent me an email titled "look who's famous!!!???'
And puts a link to STOMP...OOOO'oooooooohhhhh

Thank you STOMP for finally putting HAPPY NEWS :)

I would like to say happy Mother's Day to my mama...
Thank you for ALL you do...
I seldom say "I LOVE YOU" but know that I do :)

All mommies are awesome! Give a pat to urself!!!

Let me end the post with pictures of my happy pills...
Last pic: Sienna helped decorate my Mother's Day cake :) and we ate them all...YUMMY!!!
Can't wait for our 1st STAYCATION weekend to begin...

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