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Monday, 18 May 2015

Cebu, Philippines

Cebu (20-23 March 2015)

So a few days after our sydney trip (click here), we were off to our first COMPLETE family trip to Cebu, Philippines!!! (This time we brought Sienna along with us, OF COURSE!!!)...
It was our very 1st time to step foot in Philippines...
We did not do any research before hand about Cebu (before purchasing our flight tickets!!!)
Yes, call us crazy!!! Hahaha... We thought, why not? We haven't been to Philippines yet...LOLs...
We wanted to initially go to Boracay as we heard lots of things about it....but the journey there takes about a whole day as it involves flight+bus+boat+foot!!! (We aren't THAT adventurous)

Cebu it was...
This blog post entry will be a short one as we did absolutely NOTHING other than EATING, SLEEPING, SWIMMING POOL...x 4 days!!! Hahahaha....
It is very unlike us as we DID NOT even LEAVE the hotel compound...not because we didn't want to but because there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING within walking distance!!!
Initially, I had plan to go to Cebu city for a visit by taxi but after hearing from a few friends that the traffic is horrendous (peak or off peak), we forgo the plan! 
Thankfully we brought all the essentials needed for the trip (water, fruits, lots of snacks, chilli, etc) yes, u heard me right, I brought along a bottle of SPICY CHILLI as I was being fore warned that Phillipine cuisine is REALLY BLAND ...
But ended up, the hotel food was pretty tasty...maybe cause we ordered all sorts of cuisines???
The beach at our hotel front was nothing to shout about...it was man made! Basically they dumped lotsa sand and called it a "beach"!!!

Please don't get me wrong....Cebu has lots of pretty beaches and outdoor actitivities...
Just that all these places are at least a few hours drive away!!!
We decided to stay at the nearest beach from the airport which was Mactan area...
It was a nice, TOO relaxing vacation that we felt lethargic after the trip...try sleeping n eating all day long!!! But the kids enjoyed it SOOO much...especially being in the pool...
It was baby Skye 1st time being in the swimming pool...initially cried a little, but after that he was just floating away happily for hours and days without any complaint!
It was baby Skye 1st time being on a beach too... Caught him red handed eating sand while mummy was taking a "wefie" with him!!!

P/s: we wanted to try the famous "Balut" aka embryo duck egg (yes, I will try everything once!!!)
But we didn't find any (of coz)... Till the next time, perhaps???

Mummy tips:
Mactan area-Not stroller friendly at all... U can leave ur strollers at home! 
Lucky us, We only brought 1 stroller as to "ferry" baby Skye in the airport...

Note to self: research before hand...no more spontaneous crazy impulsive decisions especially now that we have 2 kiddos :p

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