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Thursday, 4 September 2014

The dreaded "P"....


On my birthday July 15th, baby Si decided to give me a "surprised" bday present by self weaning herself from her BELOVED PACIFIER!!! ***How happy was this mummy***

Earlier when she was younger, We tried weaning her off by "cutting" a hole in her paci, making her throw away, telling her she is a BIG girl now, saying she can't go to school if she still has it, etc... It worked but we did it at the wrong timing when baby Skye was a newborn... Thus baby Skye needed more attention than baby Si! (Read on, u will know why)... So this mummy couldnt take it anymore and had to give in, and bought her a new pacifier!!!

Before going into details on the dreaded P, let me tell u that the same dreaded P has been a LIFE SAVER for this mummy for the past 2 years plus... 

Whenever we pop in her pacifier:
1) Baby Si will fall asleep RIGHT AWAY (not needing to rock, sway, held, (.)(.)to sleep)
2) her crankiness, fussiness instantaneously gone
3) buy this mummy some time before having to feed her-important when this mummy was in the mrt train or in the middle of doing grocery runs, etc...

Back to the dreaded P... It was quite a challenging time for the both of us!
Baby Si DID NOT KNOW how to fall asleep and fall back to sleep without her pacifier...

1) She would wake up in the middle of the night crying for milk (She was sleeping thru the night ever since weaning off breastfeeding)
2) Her nap time will get delayed by a FEW hours
3) she would grit her teeth and stiffen her body crying inconsolably (I had to carry her till she cries herself to sleep)
4) did not want daddy - ONLY mummy (but kudos to daddy for putting sienna to sleep EVERY night as this mummy can focus on baby Skye and have some "ME" time... Daddy had to initially "bribe" her with ipad to get her to go to bed without mummy)
5) this mummy couldn't take it anymore and forced the pacifier back to her...but unfortunately she didn't want it anymore...
6) this mummy felt like a zombie having sleepless nights and routines interrupted - I felt like I was moving backwards instead of forward... Felt like i was having 2 newborns...is this how mummies with twins feel like??? ***geesshhh*** But I kept telling myself, that it would get better day by day...

It's been 1 month and half (mummy in zombie mode)...
and let me GLADLY ANNOUNCED that baby Si has been paci FREE!!!
And both mummy and baby Si have been sleeping well :)
It took a lot of patience & preserverance for us...
I can only tell u that We made it thru this difficult and challenging time with God's strength!!!
Thankfully baby Skye is a good sleeper...which helped tremendously!!!
But unfortunately baby Skye DOESNT like taking the pacifier :(

Tip to new mummies:
try to wean baby no 1 off the paci before baby no2 arrives...(easier said than done) - I tried but failed...

This is the last pic I could find of her and her beloved/dreaded P!!!
Somehow this is the FIRST pic of her caught sleeping in a sit up position (told ya the pacifier is a magic tool, just pop it in)
And the LAST pic of her with her Pacifier...

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