Wednesday, 17 September 2014


This will be my 4th time buying from non other than iherb :) <-- told ya it was addicting!!!
Last time I blogged at -> click here

But good news singapore readers, you can now enjoy a flat rate shipping of sgd4 for orders under 
14pounds ((6350 grams) <-- last time was a MEASELY under 4lbs (1.814kg)!!!
THAT my friend is good news!!! So I loaded up on the whole family supplements and health foods :) LOVE LOVE LOVE...had to cut down some as I was going over the weight limit..hehehehehe...

I just checked and they are offering  Free Shipping on Orders over $60.00! Crazzzyyyyy.....
****okay, since this mummy just loaded up, I WILL and SHALL practice self control***

What more, it only took 9 days to arrived and delivered nicely packed and packaged right to ur doorstep :) how convenient for busy busy busy mums!!! Save me the trouble of lugging around groceries and 2 kiddos...just a click of a button and ur pocket gets a big HOLE ***not literally*** LOLs...

So again, I'm justifying this purchase as I'm already saving tons of $$ by giving liquid gold (.)(.) to baby Skye!!! And who doesn't want to eat healthy.... Healthy family = HAPPY mummy!!!

So load up mummies...  don't forget to use my referral code : "VUY141" at checkout because if you are a first time customer, you get $10 off for orders more than $40 or $5 off for orders less than $40! That makes your overall costs even cheaper!
Better still just click on this link and start shopping!!!
And want more savings?

Extra 5% discount for orders over $60.00

Pic below: MY GOODIES...well, OUR GOODIES :)
I have yet to try out the CAFFEINE free COFFEE PERO... Yes u heard me right, caffeine free coffee??? WHY would anyone buy it...we need the CAFFEINE!!! Wrong...breastfeeding mummies needs it :)
From the reviews, it looks like its worth a try...

WARNING: the Melatonin tablets are not mine...don't think Baby Skye will appreciate a "SLEEPING LIKE A LOG" mummy right??? And also MUST MENTION that its not Mr. Hubby's either....or else I'll be awoken by Mr. Hubby calling from Amsterdam at an ungodly hour (thanks to different timezone) asking me to edit this blog post!!! LOLs

Disclaimer: I do not work for iherb, I wish I did then I could do shopping all day long for healthy food :)

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