Friday, 8 August 2014

Baby Skye first solid food...

Baby Skye first solid food...

Preparing baby Skye to start on solid food:

Here's a recap on baby Si's experience on her first solid food! --> click here!
Baby Si started a few weeks late...(as we were in Msia)

But this time round, this mummy had no "excuse" to delay...
hence, i was on time!!! 31st July marks the day baby Skye turned 6mths...he had his first taste of solid food :)

Now I have 3 "babies" mouth to feed...hehehehehe 
Much more work :(
Currently almost every evening, I will bring the kiddos to the playground downstairs... I will feed sienna her dinner there while she gets to socialize and let out all her steam or else this "energizer bunny" will still be going on hyper mode at night!
Btw, she eats more and I can get away with feeding her vegetables as she's gets excited and distracted with playing n running around...
Good tip for fussy and slow eaters!!! 
We have a rule that she gets a bite then runs off, and comes back to me for the next bite... If not, I will take baby Skye and pretend to leave the playground without her....telling her its bye bye like a charm!!! 
***told myself long ago (when I saw maids/mummies chasing after their kids to feed them), I can't be seen running around after my child with a feeding, I have baby Skye to keep an eye too!!!***
Another tip: I alternate her bites with her favorite dates (aka BIG raisins) to entice her to eat more and come back to me...hehehehehe...

And now, I need to feed baby Skye at the same time!!! *sweats*
I can just see other mummies / maids at the playground giving me *stares*

Ok back to baby Skye's big milestone...
Daddy was also able to witness baby Skye's first experience just as with baby Si... 
Jie jie sienna was also there to witness di di skyler eating too! 
She was so intrigued that she wanted to have a taste too! *Yucks!*
After patiently waiting for me to finish feeding baby Skye, she took my spoon and container and proceeded to pretend feed her fav. BearBear!!! 
*monkey see, monkey do"

Is baby Skye ready for solids?

. your little one is holding her head up well <- yes
. has outgrown his tongue-thrust reflex < yes, on day 2!!!
. seems interested in what's on your plate <- yes, eyeing on everything that we ate and salivates a lot!!!


Let the pics speak for themselves ;)
Things to Note:
1) same high chair
2) same spoon
3) same food container
4) same sippy cup
5) same bib
6) different solid food
7) different BABY!!!

Can't believe baby Skye has tuned 6mths!!!
***bittersweet moment*** I'm starting to miss him being a newborn!!!
btw, I never really experienced the baby smell with sienna before, but with skyler, he sure has IT!!! Maybe it's a mother-son thingy which is unexplainable??? i wish i can keep his "smelly" smell in a bottle :) 

It took baby Si at least a few days to fully master the technique of swallowing, accepting the taste, and getting the hang of it..
But baby Skye ate like a pro on the 2nd day :)
Just within a week, I upped his portion from 1 to 2 and now 3 scoops!!!
(Maybe coz he's a BOY???)

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