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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Say BYE BYE to the POTTY!!!

Another BIG milestone achieved!!!
Baby Si has GRADUATED from her potty and UPGRADE to the toilet seat!!!

If u miss it, she was potty trained at 21 months -> click here...
But every now and then she would request to sit at mummy's or daddy's toilet thus having to hold her up while supporting her...which can be a pain if she's going no2 and might take a while...(that explains my biceps musclets...hehehehehe) *mummy does DO her exercise* 

So early June, I decided to buy her a baby toilet seat where u attach it to the big adult seat :)
Plus this mummy had enuff of cleaning her potty several times a day!!! 
(Bought her a new baby toilet seat...but then a few days later, sienna's cousin (Zach ha-min) passed on his baby toilet seat to her...so this mummy decided to bless mummy Elly with the new one) 
Looks like someone up there *GOD* is hinting :) thanks for the reminder to start toilet training...

Waited as i did not want to "jump the gun"... As baby Si might revert back to her comfortable blue potty...but a month has passed by!
So it's official now, baby Si has made her "landing" into the toilet bowl!!!
She just can't wait to say BYE BYE to her poo poo or pee pee every time we flush...
Ahhhhhhh the joys of the littlest things :)

(P/s: update- her sticker reward system novelty has died off and chucked aside...now she demands for her gummy and chocolate rewards!!! Time for this mummy to cut off baby Si "sweet" reward...any suggestions? Or else baby Si will be baby toothless in no time!!!)

Update - decided to cut her chocs into small pieces...or get the "Maltese" balls or the smallest chocs I can find :) got her organic 100% fruit sweets too... But I dare not let her eat hard candy yet for the fear of her choking!!! 
Plz don't blame me for depriving her of sweets... Hehehehehe...*soon soon will let her try* 

Does that mean we can say BYE BYE to her potty and packed it up???
Her potty has served her well for the past 5 mths :)
Time to pack up her potty... (And restart this whole process AGAIN for baby Skye!)
Ahhhhhhh the joys of MOTHERHOOD :)

OH on a side note, daddy cringes every time he takes baby Si to the PUBLIC toilets as he is a germaphob!!! *well HELLO? We're in SINGAPORE...one of the cleanest spankiest toilets in the world after JAPAN N Korea perhaps???* 
Wait till mr. Daddy have to take his princess to Malaysia, china, India...etc... LOL!!! *HEart attack!!!*
The smell will just knock daddy's socks off... Hehehehehe....