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过年The Nutcracker by The National Ballet of China (Singapore performance)

On the 18th of January 2019, my daughter (Sienna) and I attended 过年The Nutcracker performed by The National Ballet of China at Esplanade Theatres on the bay, Singapore.
It was such a mesmerizing and enjoyable show...💃👏
Perfect mommy-daughter date 💕



"The popular classic story of ‘过年The Nutcracker’ has been given an exciting twist as the lead character Yuan Yuan travels to magical adventurous lands in her dreams after receiving the nutcracker from a foreign friend during the Chinese New Year which came alive."

                                                        *Photos credit: My China Channel

                                                       *Photos credit: My China Channel

This show was the perfect combination especially for my daughter Sienna. She attended a Chinese immersion school (back in the USA) where she not only learnt Mandarin Chinese language but also about the Chinese culture, people and of course the country China itself from her teachers (who are native Chinese from China) and combine that with her LOVE for DANCING!!! 
Double win. 
She was able to relate to the entire show as she could finally put what she learnt into reality. 

This show is not your usual traditional Nutcracker.
But it is the Chinese version of the original Nutcracker which is a world-class ballet performance - '过年 - The Nutcracker'-, staged by the renowned National Ballet of China. 
The National Ballet of China celebrated its 60th anniversary by bringing this top-class performance with its 65 dancers to Singapore.

                                                        *Photos credit: My China Channel

From the costumes, props, hair, makeup, music, lightning, etc... above and beyond, the classical ballet performance by China’s professional was to the PERFECTION 👌

Although I did go to ballet class when I was a little kid (long time ago), I have totally forgotten all the technical stuff that I had learnt. But it did not stop me from enjoying the show. My daughter was so excited to watch the show and kept on her dancing feet even after the show had ended, eagerly showing her little brother/"di di" Skyler all the moves she learnt after watching the show.


Since Chinese New Year is soon approaching, watching the performance definitely and automatically sets you into Chinese New Year mode! It is a fusion of the West meets East. 
Perfect family entertainment as Chinese New Year is soon approaching because this performance showcases the story of a Chinese family celebrating the Chinese New Year!

                                                                   *Photos credit: My China Channel

The colorful CNY props, costumes and music definitely transported me back to China... 
Made me come home to do a good spring cleaning, sweep the floors, get new outfits n shoes for the whole family and load up/restock on my CNY goodies ready to usher in CNY n ready to welcome family n friends! 

Sienna had fun watching in awe and adoration at all the pretty ballerinas 😍😍😍 

                                                                  *Photos credit: My China Channel

The highlight and an eye opener during the show was when a giant Ingot a.k.a "yuánbǎo" burst out with little kids (39 kids to be exact) that were locally sourced here in Singapore. They were beaming with pride and joy while doing their cute performance, clad in their beautiful golden costumes dancing alongside the professionals on the big stage... 
What a wonderful once in a lifetime experience!
When I told Sienna that the kids were from Singapore, you could see the spark of curiosity as she bombarded me with tons of questions...!

                                                             *Photos credit: My China Channel

I guess it's time for this momma to start sending her to ballet school perhaps? 


My favourite 2 performances were "Kingdom of the Crane" and "Porcelain Kingdom". 
I was in awe at the marvelous backdrop and all the ballerinas dancing in unison in their beautiful costumes and headpiece. Oh so pretty, elegant and poised. I just couldn't take my eyes off of them even for a second... 

                                                                *Photos credit: My China Channel

                                                                 *Photos credit: My China Channel

过年The Nutcracker’ has been staged in Europe countries and received rave reviews.
The highest praise and review received surpasses any reviews done by me (or anyone) ... 
It was when the Swedish Ambassador of France made this review:

     "...In my eyes, even the ballet stars in Paris are not comparable 
to those in the National Ballet of China..."

So I double triple confirm that this show is definitely a MUST watch for everyone! 

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