Thursday, 16 August 2018

Moving... yet again?

Moving... yet again? 

Didn't I tell you from my previous post that we might have to move again

Yes, it's our 7th time moving as a family!
Don't count the days when I was single ~ pre kids!

I should write a book as to the reasons behind each move before this "mom brains" forgets... Lol!
I shall spare you the details for the time being...
Hmmmm but just for fun...
I wonder what I shall name the title :-
"Life of the nomadic KarMie's family", "Moving and Grooving with KarMie",
"Let's move it, move it with KarMie"...

So here's the blog post I wrote last year on tips and advice when moving with 2 young kids...
I re-read it again before my move (as a refresher) and find it still relevant.
Do leave a comment if you have any tips that might be useful for my next move, perhaps??? Lol...

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