Monday, 12 June 2017

Happy LOVING day!!!

Happy LOVING day!!!

I'm pretty sure 99.99 % of you wouldn't know what this day means! To be honest, I just found out when I just moved back to the USA last year (just stumbled upon it thanks to social media)
It's definitely NOT a day of loving EVERYBODY!!! Lols...
That would be Valentine's day...

It's a very VERY important day in history that allowed the creation of KarMie = Karthik + Jamie!!!

To know that just as recent as in the years prior to 1967, the USA banned interracial marriages.

What Is Loving Day?

Mildred and Richard Loving were of different races but they went against the law, fell in love and decided to get married even though they knew it was illegal. After they got married, they were sentenced to prison for a year. But in 1967, the Supreme Court decided they would no longer prevent couples from marrying based on the color of their skin.

The Lovings knew love conquers all and because of their true love, they persevered so that couples like them and us can proudly be public today!

So because of the Lovings, every year on June 12th, every interracial couples will remember this day and celebrate their victory, our victory. It’s because of them that all couples can marry, regardless of the color of our skin.
They say love is blind right???

KarMie wouldn't be KarMie legally in the USA if it wasn't for the Lovings. Well, we would only be legal in Singapore/Malaysia. And to think that I wouldn't be allowed back to the USA without a USA marriage certificate. That would totally changed our lives. We would have to spend the rest of our lives in Singapore... Lols!!! I wouldn't mind that... "nasi lemak" + toast box everyday!!!

To also know that our kids, Sienna and Skyler wouldn't be able to marry people of a different race just because of the difference in skin color???
That is just mind boggling...
God created humans. PERIOD.

The Lovings definitely changed our lives, our kids lives and the world we live in...

How Can You Celebrate Loving Day?

~> Find a Loving Day celebration.
There are Loving Day celebrations all over the USA. Click here
to find a celebration in your city!
If you don't have one in your city, you could probably start one in your community...

~> Celebrate with your family at home.
Sienna has been talking more about skin color ever since moving to the USA.
She knows the terminology "Chindian", that she's Chindian = Chinese+ Indian ... She identifies people of different races. We often talk to our kids about how KarMie was formed. When they are older, we can talk to them about The Lovings and/or even watch a movie all about it! The movie is titled "Loving".

Let's do our part and spread awareness of this wonderful day in history.
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I LOVE my "ROJAK" aka mixed up family!!!

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