Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Lets 'IRON" it out

Ever since becoming a mom, I have put more thought into the things that go into my mouth, and especially my 2 kids' mouths!!!

When the opportunity came for this momma to learn about the new range of Nestlé’s newly improved Cerelac Cereals, I didn't turn it down! Instead I looked forward as I never want to stop learning...to better myself as a mom... one can never stop learning, can we?

Photo credit: Nestlé Cerelac

So what's so special with this new range? Not only does it have a new look, it is also the only brand in Singapore that has a new baby cereal recipe that contains soya in it. But the best part is it's packed with a load full of IRON!!! 

How much more? 30% more than the previous cerelac cereals range... Which meets more than 50% of my baby's daily iron requirement (just in 1 serving!!!)

Photo credit: Nestlé Cerelac
Photo credit: Nestlé Cerelac

Why is it that iron is SO important especially in the first 2 years of a growing baby? 

That's because their brain develops rapidly and iron is needed to ensure that the body has enough red blood cells to transport oxygen to all body parts especially the brain, to facilitate growth...Iron also supports your baby's natural  defences.

Since this momma is still fully breastfeeding my 2 year old son, I have always made sure to try to eat a well balanced meal and to take supplements to make sure my baby is getting more than enough ("kiasu" much??? Lols...) !!!
But now that he's turning 2 years old in a few days time, he's been eating mostly solid food and is getting more choosy n fussy by the day...  he used to eat EVERYTHING...especially his veggies!!! But now that his tastebuds have fully developed, it's not the case anymore... Time for this momma to IRON things out!!!

I gave baby Skye the cerelac cereal "Oats, Wheat, Prunes" to try. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive giving it as baby Skye is at the age of rejecting ALL things MUSH aka baby food!!! To my surprise, he took to the taste immediately and soon after, "jie jie" Sienna joined in the taste test too n the rest is history... both of them cleaned up the whole bowl.... they must think that it's a yummy dessert pudding... this momma is a happy momma... 

IRON = checked!!!
Healthy babies = happy momma = happy family!!!

Who says baby food is dull n boring...
I have since added it to all their favourite food... yogurt, made it into overnight oats, Milo, fresh milk, smoothies, home made ice cream, etc... let ur imagination run wild... my 2 kids ate "Cray Cray" over raisins... so add raisins to it, it'll be gone in no time...

One can never get enough of IRON... the most is a little problem with doing ur big business... constipation perhaps???

So how do we know if our child is getting enough iron??? Thank God for technology... the peeps at Nestle have come up with an IRON calculator!!! It's so simple, user friendly and interactive...

1st: click on the link below
2nd: select each tab from every food category and select their respective servings
3rd: it generates the estimated iron intake for your child.

So here's baby Skye's RESULT!!! 
76% iron intake "you are good"...
He barely passed...Lols...

Nestle CERELAC IRON Calculator is a quick and convenient way for mums, and even dads, to find out exactly how much more iron your child needs or evaluate if they are already meeting the Recommended Nutrient Intake (RNI).

Photo credit: Nestlé Cerelac

Have fun with it!!!

Disclaimer: This is a Media invite. All opinions are solely ours. We were presented with a gift basket for the purpose of this review. 

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