Sunday, 15 November 2015


2 years ago, I introduced you to our "4 babies"!!!

Here's an update on our "2nd eldest baby"...Written by Mr. Hubby on his facebook post (this was the reason why Mr. Hubby couldn't join us on our trip to Busan, S.Korea
Apart from attending his cousin's wedding of course)

"At the end of 2005 I met Jamie, and in 2006 we decided to sponsor together a 4 year old girl in a very remote village in India, our first meaningful "project" together as a couple. For the past 10 years we exchanged letters and photos and she told us how what she bought/did with our monthly payments.

Today I was able to meet Vinotha, now a 14 year old exceptionally warm and pleasant teen, thats doing well in school and an excellent drawing artist and a guitar player to-be. So blessed to be able to see her home and talk to her and just be in her presence.

Definitely something i would love for @jamiechaw to experience, even though it's challenging to get there.

Thanks to Compassion for this opportunity, they are honestly doing great works globally, I can personally vouch for that now!"

Am glad Mr. Hubby got this opportunity to meet Vinotha and her family and witness the "fruits of our labour" + God's amazing hand on her family!

We can all play a small part in transforming lives... just say YES today and make it happen!!! Their future is literally in our hands...(We have witness it 1st hand)

Here's a short clip of Mr. Hubby's first hand experience seeing a toilet built for Vinotha's family (shall we complain about our "thrones" that we sit at home???):

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