Sunday, 27 September 2015

Asian fusion or Asian confusion?

We had the privilege of tatha n patti (Karthik's parents) who joined us for this joyous photoshoot! This mummy had to made sure all parties' schedules lined up (we were all in India the week before n the grandparents flew out the week after)... and am glad it worked out just right!!!

It was on 4th of July!!! (Happy independence day to my Indian American family) ...
Weather was perfect albeit hot n humid. Thank God the sun went down to cool all of us down... I chose it in the evening so that we won't be too sweaty and secretly hoping we will get a few sunset pics... but the transition went by too fast!

Our previous photoshoot (1st family photoshoot) was taken during the day around 10am... n oh boy was it HOT!!! Any earlier, the kids n mummy will be still snoozing...zzzZZzzZ
Here's the blog entry for our 1st family photoshoot!

This time round, Singapore's Chinese Gardens was our venue... (previous photoshoot was at Botanic Gardens) ... 
Reasons this momma chose Chinese Garden:-

1) It had the Chinese feel to it with Chinese architectural as the backdrop!  Contrasts with our Indian/Chindian family!!!
Mr. Hubby sweeten it up by suggesting that we wore our Indian outfits as the kids will soon outgrow it!!! BRILLIANT IDEA MR. HUBBY!!!  yes, the kiddos have overloaded n bursts out of the outfits...
(P/s: this last minute decision explains why Tatha wasn't blending in with us) 
Then this momma added another element to our photoshoot! ***why not do a quick change n wear our Chinese costumes after***  (P/s: mine wasn't really Chinese as my Cheongsam was back in Malaysia... but my skirt has kind of a Chinese feel with silk material... #cheatOne)
Thus concludes the title of this blog "Asian Fusion??? Or Asian ConFusion???
LoLs... #soPunny that #itsnotfunny!!!

2) close proximity to home... was quite an eye candy mrt ride with stares from everyone seeing our family all decked out in full on Indian costumes... thank God the kiddos were the main focus...hehe... luckily the mrt was a quick one making it less torturous...

3) we kinda ran out of ideas as to where was a good photoshoot place. Gardens by the bay was one of the contenders... but this momma decided not to as it was the weekend (crowded) n we wouldn't want any strangers to be included into our family pics n say no to photobombs... plus the supergrooves trees were way too high up to shoot as the background... n also it would be added costs if we were to pay the entrance fees inclusive of the photographer...

Ok ok... enough of "yabberring", let the pictures do the "talking"!!! 
Kudos to our photographer, scott @scottkjphotography...
(On a side note: Oh how I miss the un-hazey clear blue skies!!!)

More photos can be found on Mr. Hubby's FB: click here -> 2015 Photoshoot in Singapore's Chinese Gardens

Photo Credits:
Geminious Pte Ltd
+65 97373040
Instagram @geminiouspteltd 

1st family photoshoot (botanic gardens)

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