Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Spread the LOVE project...

Out of all the gifts that I've won in giveaways, can I just say that this tops it the most!!!
*** not that I don't appreciate the rest coz we thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of it***

You will find out the reason why when you see the picture of it... it is HANDMADE with LOVE!!! A total of 3,600 pearls carefully placed with aeroplanes all around n then beautifully framed up (not forgetting, it came with a handmade note + card too).
We were given a few choices of cars, trucks, ball, choose from but this mummy chose aeroplanes in the hopes that baby Skye grows up to follow gong gong n Chiu chiu footsteps perhaps??? Lols...

A fellow mummy blogger came all the way from the north to the west with her beautiful daughter Ariel to hand deliver this present to me and baby skyler!!! N not forgetting she is preggie too...
***so nice, it warms my heart***

She is a fellow Singapore mummy blogger who is very well known in the blogging world... and I must say I have high regards for her as she blogs actively, runs her household, takes care of her 2 daughters n soon 3 kids, takes them out for FUN activities regularly, and mostly all these done by herself as she has no helper and her hubby works outstation sometimes. Really admire this supermom!!! N here I am trying to survive!!!
***shame on me***
lets all "jia yu" together and enjoy our kids while we go on this journey called "motherhood" coz its soo worth while...
 *** have to keep reminding myself that I'm blessed to be a SAHM and have a hubby as my support in every way!!!***

This present is the perfect belated 1 year old gift for baby Skye as we chose a picture of him taken around a year old...actually it was his passport pic...hehehe...
We did a personalised photo collage for baby SI when she turned one!!!
(Click here...)
But then we somehow didn't do one for baby Skye...***ooopsss, 2nd child syndrome***

We are hoping to find a good spot to hang it... maybe next to jie jie Sienna photo collage picture!!! But Mr. Hubby has a thing with "no holes on the wall", the lesser the better... coz we thought we were temporary in Singapore, but it's been 7 years (5 yrs in our own place!!!)... time to get the hammer out???
For now, its placed up on our cabinet n can't stop smiling every time I glanced at it... jie jie Sienna saw it n immediately asked us to buy one for her...eeepppsss!!!

To summer Goh @ahappymum, thank you from the bottom of our hearts...
Xoxo, the Nagas...

Mr. Hubby chimed in saying, "great gift as our son can look back on over the years and enjoy!" <- very TRUE indeed

Photo credits: @ahappymum instagram

#throwback to baby Si 1st bday present!!!

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