Sunday, 7 June 2015

Meeting my celebrity crush VB :)

This mummy had the privilege to meet my celebrity crush, Victoria Beckham in PERSON!!!
VB launched her new nail polish line called Nails Inc at sephora, Ion Orchard.
Looking back at the pictures we took, I realised that her outfit she wore matched the colors n design of sephora!!! How apt??? Or coincidental? Or maybe VB stylist was just too good...

While circling around the crowd in sephora to get a closer View of VB, I passed backstage and guess who I spotted??? KEN paves (used to be Jessica Simpson's bff and personal hairstylist) *** guess who's been watching wayyy too much reality shows??? Pre-kids of course!!!  ***
Now he's VB current bff n personal hairstylist...

Since it was an all girls event invite, mr. Hubby couldn't go on behalf of me!
But he was nice enough to accompany me and babysat the kids outside...he also had the privilege to see her walked in and walked out. What shocked us all was the spontaneity that VB showed to the crowd waiting outside by asking if they wanted a quick group picture :) Just imagine the crowd went wild...
Well, there wasn't much of a crowd since it was not a publicized event and more of a closed event!

Not only did I get to meet an international sensation but a local one as well...Onn Shu An! Been following her and watching her "Tried n Tested" YouTubes... She's one hot spicy bubbly local celebrity... Would term her as a "chilli padi" - tiny but fiery!!!

Great once in lifetime opportunity, n I'm glad I got to witness it!!!
Hats off to this super hot momma for being such an inspiration to all mummies...a hands on mummy, entrepreneur,globe trotter,fashionista,etc...of coz she has many hands helping her!!! But in order to wear so many hats at once n being able to switch on n off is a tough job (mentally) as physically...kudos!!!

Pic below: selfie wt my celebrity crush...
p/s: I looked like a stalker
By the way no cameras were allowed but who could resist??? EVERYBODY was clicking away...

More pics on Mr. Hubby FB:

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