Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Happy 11 mths old baby Si!!!

Baby Si turned 11 months on 6th march 2013!!!
(10 months post <~ if u missed it)

And we celebrated it in Chiang Mai, Thailand....we as in me, gong gong and baby Si!!! Just the 3 of us as mr. hubby aka baby si's daddy is in sydney australia visiting the koalas and kangaroos (for work), Po Po is in Singapore babysitting her other grandchild (zach ha min) and chiu chiu (uncle Jeffrey) was busy poo poo-ing $hitless nites as he prep for his colonoscopy!!!
Stay tune for a post and pics of chiang Mai once this mum has the time ;)

This month is a lil different as we couldn't do our monthly family tradition of Polaroid pics :( as this mummy left her Polaroid camera in Singapore :( thus baby Si's Polaroid collection will be one less! *sob sob*

But nevertheless, Hopefully these pics of baby Si will cheer up ur day!!!
It did cheer us up (gong gong & mummy) when snapping these pics... :)

Milestones reached:
. Able to crawl up the steps all by herself
. Able to get up from lying down position to sit up position (like a sit up)
. Able to use her fingers to point
. Able to use the walker without any assistance
. Knows "tou" in mandarin and points to her head
. Knows "pi zhi" in mandarin and points to nose. Took a while for gong gong to teach this as baby Si kept pointing to her mouth!!!
. Able to climb from floor to couch <~ uh ohhh, this means she can escape from her "prison"... Oppps I meant confined space...
. Able to repeat words we say and imitate our actions.
. Learnt flying kiss from a church friend <~ daddy n mummy has been trying to delay from teaching baby Si anything related to K.I.S.S.I.N.G!!! And now she's hooked on it and blowing kisses to anyone and everyone including strangers... Daddy is gonna have a hard time protecting her lil darling :p

This is any mummies nightmare and it happened all within this month :(
.Baby Si roll off the bed when taking her nap with mummy in Singapore (mummy rushed to the toilet to pee and when I came back, I found baby Si on the floor face down with hands supporting her)...usually during nite time, I would put her in her cot after she has fallen asleep...but for her nap, since I was napping wt her, I usually let her sleep next to me with pillows to protect her on her other side. But thank God our bed wasn't that high...low bed frame!
.Baby Si fell off the high chair (since we're in Malaysia, we use zach ha min's high chair which was left here but the safety belt is missing!!!) one split second of turning my back, she was doing the downward dog yoga pose...
.An hour after she fell off the high chair, the kitchen chair fell onto her....oh my poor baby!!!
It happened right in front of my eyes....she was trying to grab onto the highest point of the chair while tiptoeing, and the chair fell onto her....while she fell backwards :(
This mummy rushed to her and picked her up while trying to comfort her.. Baby sienna once again is a trooper....did not cry when she fell...only cried when I picked her up out of shocked. Then stopped after a few secs....
Took me a while to get over the guilt....*bad mother*....
Even harder to break the news to mr. Hubby that his lil precious one was being hurt :(
But once I got over it, "what doesn't break u, makes u stronger!!!"
Our baby sienna is a super sienna indeed ;)

Pics below: if u are into fashion police just like this mummy, u would know the famous line of Joan Rivers in the segment of , "B*t*ch stole my look" aka "who wore it better"... So lets vote ;)

Me n mr. Hubby are getting excited as we will be celebrating baby si's 1st bday in a secret destination....stay tune to find out :)

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