Sunday, 25 December 2016

Grocery shopping made cheap!!!

So pre kids, this momma used to go shopping, shopping, shopping all the time!!! Oh wait, which lady doesn't love shopping? But mostly end up window shopping anyways... Lols!!! 
Still counts as shopping right???

When I was living in the States (more than 10 years ago), I used to live just 10mins away from the outlet malls!!! Yes yes yes... shopping marathon every weekend!!! I used "exercising" as an excuse to head to the outlet malls.

But now that we are back in the States, no more shopping for this momma... but wait, it's a different kind of shopping now. Grocery shopping!!!
With 3 EVER hungry, non stop eating machines, I seemed to be buying food non stop! 
So why not shop smartly n cheaply since you have to shop for food anyways? Everybody has to eat right? 
So everybody has to grocery shop!!! 

And since this momma is a stay at home mom (SAHM) ever since baby Si was born and we, living off one income, every little saving adds up!!! More savings = more shopping for this momma... ok now where's my Gucci/Prada bag??? Lols...

Now let me introduce you to this awesome shopping app...
~> Check out Ibotta to get cash back! 
Use my referral code, utndeyx, and you can earn an extra $10. 

Ok here's the easy peasy breakdown steps:

1) Go directly here to download the app~>
(Be sure to use the referral code:  "utndeyx" to earn your first $10)

2) Do your normal grocery shopping in your favourite local stores.

3) Keep your receipts.

4) Come home, open your Ibotta app. Look for items you bought that's available on the app. Click "unlock".

5) click "verify purchases"... "choose store"..."scan product barcode"... "take a picture of your receipt"

6) then sit back and relax, while they credit you your $$ within 24 hours (usually it only takes less than 2 mins to see it credited)...different stores varies!
(P/s: your everyday pantry items are available.... milk, banana, bread, eggs)
Do note that they refresh the items every once a week! 


1) You can browse and unlock what items are available in your Ibotta app and plan your groceries accordingly before you head to the shop.
2) do note the timeframe given to unlock and get credit for the particular item.
3) You can still use your manufacturer/store coupons while you shop to get additional savings!!! 

By the way, this blog post is by no means sponsored or anything. Just me helping spread the word... and it's a win-win situation!!! Once you signed up the Ibotta app using my referral code "utndeyx" , you get $10 right away in your account!!! 
And I get $5... sweet deal for the both of us!!!

This is a screenshot of my account right now... n do note I only started using this app in July 2016 but have only been actively buying groceries since moving to Charlotte, North Carolina in OCTOBER 2016!!! 
$132.25 earnings...
You can choose to cash out through PayPal (which personally is my choice) or Venmo or u can buy any gift cards from the many choices of stores...

Best part is, it's not only for groceries... it also covers hygiene items, restaurants, Groupon, brand name stores, etc!!!

Shall I screenshot Mr. Hubby's Ibotta account too? (which of course is used by me) Lols... ;)

There's many other apps that's similar to Ibotta...  money saving too! But I find myself using this app more frequent than the rest and my savings are much more. 
There's "Checkout 51", "SavingStar", "MobiSave", etc...

$45.85 of earnings!!! (Checkout 51)
click link below to get started (earn $2 for uploading your first receipt, and $1 for your next three receipts)

$29.03 of earnings!!! (SavingStar)

But if you are a newbie n it's ur first time, I suggest sticking to one app first! Once you are a pro at it, you can slowly use multiple apps at once! Cheers to MORE savings to you!!! 
Let me know how it goes...

Here's a picture of my pantry aka mini grocery store...

Hahaha... Feels sooooo aunty!!!
***Proud of my shopping haul aka stock***
My model Mr. Hubby...Lols!

And here's a picture of my hygiene items stockpile which can lasts us for a VERY VERY LONG time!!!

Sienna doing her hair advertisement...

Sienna and Skyler showing their armpits for a deodorant advertisement...LOLs!!!

But yeah, we share our stockpile with family
 n friends too and recently donated some to the less fortunate to spread some joy during this festive season! 
Let us be reminded how blessed we are and appreciate what we have that others are striving to have! So whatever little help we can do, lets DO IT!