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All about the author of KarMie's blog

Since this blog has officially been 4 years now, it's time to get to know the author behind it.

15+ random things about baby Si and baby Skye's mummy a.k.a Jamie Chaw

- Am a Malaysian Chinese married to an Indian American = 2 "rojak" mixed Chin-dian American-Malaysian kids: 
Sienna Chaw Naga (2012)
Skyler Chaw Naga (2014)

- Favorite number is 3! It all started when I was in school and had always been placed 3rd ranking academically in class for many consecutive years. Thus the number 3 has stuck with me ever since. 

-my 2 older brothers and I have had 3 different Mandarin Chinese tuition teachers coz we made them ALL CRY! That's the reason why our Mandarin is "baby" entry level! but we are all fluent in Malay + English. Cantonese being average (able to understand mostly, speaking - basic, written -none)

- inherited long slim fingers from my mom (good genes) and the parents decided to send me for piano lessons to make full use of it. Did really well until grade 5? but decided to quit since I couldn't "play by ear". It wasn't worth it since my ultimate goal was to play effortlessly at church and not to play by reading notes!
As a consolation, my dad said that I could be a "hand model"... guess my face can't make it :P

- have a mole on my left arm that could be spotted from a mile away! mr. Hubby commented that I should incorporate it into a tattoo design to make it "prettier". That's one of the reason why I stay away from wearing sleeveless. But the truth is because I have "big arm syndrome" which most ladies can relate to! even after carrying 2 babies, it hasn't "toned up" enough!

- have 7 piercings! But since becoming a mom only 2 piercings have survived...

-grew up with 2 very protective older brothers which I used to hate for being overly protective but am thankful now. Any BOYS who called the house phone will be quickly shot down and rejected if answered by either of the brothers. Also I remember when I was much younger, I left my mark (poo poo-ed) in the living room and was yelled at by the oldest brother and I think it was my first and DEFINITELY the LAST time ever doing that!

-was on the netball team and track n field team all through out my school days! enjoyed every moment of it as I got to hang out with friends and have fun! But now that I'm an adult, I regret having been under the hot sun for LONG hours as it made me "dark" skinned and have always been mistaken as a Malay/Thai/ Indon/etc...but never as a Chinese Malaysian :( I was being questioned frequently especially when I was in the USA (and still am).

-was in a "Hikers outdoor club" where I met lots of wonderful happening friends, did lots of camping in the jungle and hiked the highest mountain in South East Asia, Mount Kinabalu at the age of 15! Am thankful for this opportunity as I learnt a lot of basic survival skill.

-was in the worship team (backup singer) and active in youth activities in church where we did lots of dancing, singing, drama, games, camp, etc. Lots of wonderful memories and lifelong friends were made!

-was in the dance team during my university days in USA - woke up at 5am for practice with the team! It was tough especially during winter months when I had to drag myself up and brave the cold. Got to perform during half time for the basketball and football games.

-graduated from high school and didn't know exactly what course of studies I should go into. So my dad chose Computer Science for me as it was the "IN thing" during my era if you were born in 1982... Lols... so off I went from Malaysia to a private university in Indiana, USA to pursue my bachelors degree majoring in Computer Science and minoring in both MIS and Mathematics.

-graduated uni with flying colors 4.96/5 CGPA to be exact! went to work for a small financial software company called Investigo, Fort Wayne, Indiana and then moved on to a bigger company called Cummins, Inc where I met my then bf and now mr. Hubby! We both worked in the same team and sat an aisle away... he sat across a shared printer machine thus I was his no. 1 regular printing customer!

-Cummins being a diesel engine company and working in the software side of the company, I was constantly surrounded by GUYS...geeky guys to be exact (minus Mr.hubby of coz ;) )!!! hahahaha... thus, I only managed to work as a computer engineer for a total of 4 years.

- decided I needed to quit my job, packed my bags including mr. Fiance and moved back to Malaysia as I wanted to be closer to my parents after being away for 6 years (studies+work). But instead we settled down in Singapore as Cummins had a branch in Singapore and mr. Hubby got transferred (and thankfully we did as we loved it very much). As for me, I was the wedding planner planning our garden wedding from scratch back in Malaysia.

- once married and settled down in Singapore, I decided to pursue my childhood dream. Having grown up in a flying family (dad n bro - pilots, sis in law - stewardess), I had flying blood in me. Thus I became an air stewardess and fulfilled my childhood dreams! Everyday was a HOLIDAY, it didn't feel like work AT ALL! I get to wake up in a different country, eat different cuisines and sight see different places! and shop shop shop...
Here's a video of my training with JetStar (thanks Mr. Hubby who made it):

- been a stay at home mom (SAHM) ever since baby Si (then baby Skye) came into my life and loving every moment of it. Started this blog when baby Si was 6 mths old (to keep our family especially grandparents~who's overseas, up to date) and never looked back! 
Here's my 1st blog post:
Thank you readers for being #SiennaSkyler fans!!!
we've been so greatly blessed by this blog that we got to attend lots of eventful events, made blogger friends, product reviews and best of all creating wonderful memories while experiencing new things!
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-used to hate being photographed in pictures when I was young. "teenager" phase! It gradually got better and now and then I will be in the pictures as I made it a point to be in pictures with my kids as I don't wanna be absent in memories! But I still rather be behind the camera instead and am pretty good at it!

- if you've been following this blog, we are BIG on travelling n baby Si and baby Skye have probably been to more places than most kids (perhaps adults too)...right now, we are on our BIGGEST adventure yet!!! Conquering USA... Lols... well, we've packed our bags and moved from Singapore back to Mr. Hubby's home land for at least a few years... am blessed and glad for this opportunity especially Mr. Hubby to be able to take time off from work to spend quality time with the family!
Pray for us that God will provide us with guidance and wisdom for our next chapter in life in choosing  a city to settle down and restart our new life adventure!!!

"Proverbs 16:9A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps."

Mr. Hubby has started working for a European company which has a strong presence here in USA...and we are glad to call Charlotte, NC our new "home"!!! 
Let me tell u I fell in love with it the first time I stepped foot into #Charlotte #NorthCarolina... there's not many big cities in the #USA that are livable, walkable, lively, clean, family friendly, etc..

It's a good transition for us coming from #Singapore...and I'm glad we found a city both Mr. Hubby and I can settle on (well in actuality, we pretty much didn't have many choices given that we wanted to be close to Karthik's family ~ 4 hrs away)
God is indeed GOOD and works in mysterious ways and in His own timing!!! 

Do leave a comment about yourself. If you have a blog post introducing yourself, leave a link and I'll love to read about YOU... ;)

(Picture taken a days before we left Singapore)

Monday, 10 October 2016


Written by Mr. Hubby aka #SiennaSkyler Daddy



The 2016 Summer was a very enjoyable one for the Nagas (Karthik's family) and the Viswanadhans (Karthik's sister's family).

The 4 little ones (#SiennaSkyler + cousins) got to bond with each other in New Jersey and West Virginia and with their parents/grandparents also, and Sienna and Skyler traveled to 5 of the United States (and Canada)!

New York: including Manhattan (Time Sq, Statue of Liberty, TODAY Show, kayaking on the Hudson), Brooklyn and Niagara Falls (including the Canada side)

New Jersey: including Newark, Jersey Shore and Jersey City

West Virginia: including Charleston (hiking at Kanawha State Forest, fun programs at grandmom's library), Summersville farm and Huntington (Camden Park)

Indiana: Columbus

North Carolina: Winston-Salem, Raleigh and Charlotte

Sienna and Skyler also got to expand their culinary experiences with lots of great restaurants and delicious home cooked food.  They also got to meet many of mommy and daddy's friends as they traveled to different cities and places.

The 4 kids had lots of learning opportunities at home, with classes in math, reading, Chinese, Tamil, spelling, drawing, gymnastics, sports, dancing, singing, swimming, cooking and MAGIC!

Perhaps most importantly it was a great time to enjoy the time together with family.  Some of these moments have been captured in the video below... 

Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to the channel for more updates on SkyKarmienna's (Skyler+Karthik+Jamie+Sienna) journeys and adventures!