Monday, 13 November 2017

<Review> Bookroo - children's book subscription review

Soon after this momma received her book (Being a mom is...) gift in the mail, it was the kids turn to received theirs!

But this time it came individually wrapped in different wrapping papers!!! 
By the way, it's pretty adult looking wrapping papers and not some tacky kiddish wrappers... LOLs

Sienna and Skyler thought it was Christmas already? Didn't we just go trick or treating???
So they tore opened their "gifts" and were happy to see colorful and inviting books and asked to be read to them immediately!!! 

But this momma was busy cooking, so Sienna decided to take matters into her hands and started  attempting to read it by herself! And of course Skyler had to join in the fun too...

I'm sure many parents out there can agree and relate with me that their kids have been showered aka "spoilt" by friends, family, relatives, etc by getting tons of toys which end up being played only a handful of times??? 
First, your kids gets extremely excited over it. 
Second, they start fighting over it the first few days. 
Lastly, after boredom sets in, the toys are left scattered all over your living room??? 
Finally, leaving clueless moms with what the h*** are we to do with all these bulky toys!!! 
Sounds all too familiar? Yes, my living room messy situation says it all...
Well I'm sure their intentions were done out of love... 
(disclaimer: don't get me wrong, Sienna and Skyler love receiving toys...which kid doesn't?)

But for future reference: Best advice is to spend quality time with the kids and make memories together but if distance is an issue, why not get them something more meaningful and useful instead? An experience like buying them annual passes to the zoo, science museum, football game, theatrical shows, or whatever your kid fancy. That way when you visit, memories will be made together! I know my kids always talk about places they went and did with <insert name here> and <insert name here>.
Another alternate is getting them BOOKS!!! One can never go wrong with getting books for a child...and getting one book is just never enough (unless your mother in law aka grandma works in a library ~> yes, true story)!!!

Bookroo is a subscription based company that sends out book according to your preference
(No strings attached as you can cancel anytime). You can choose the frequency and the age appropriate books for your kids or loved ones!!!

Love supporting companies that do their part in helping the environment and others too!!! 
Bookroo sends out books in recycled boxes... This momma is all about the 3 R's (reduce, reuse & recycle)! And another brownie point is that bookroo donates childrens’ books to children in need through Reach Out And Read!

Remember, "It's never too early to start reading to children!

This momma gives her stamp of approval and so did "Parents" magazine too for awarding Bookroo with being the "best subscription services for 2017"!

Just for my readers who would like to purchase this subscription based book for their loved ones, here's 15% off for those interested. 

Link: click here 
Code: CHAW

Disclaimer: I have received this product in exchange for my honest (with love) review. All opinions are solely our own.

See Sienna and Skyler in action with their books. Follow the sequence and see how they went from being individual "I don't wanna share, keep a distance away" to being BFF and book buddies!