Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Baby Skye 2nd professional haircut (2nd in his life)

Baby Skye 2nd professional haircut (2nd in his life)...

So since the last post on baby Si's first ever professional salon haircut with daddy, it was this mummy's 
turn to take baby Skye for his haircut...***yeayyy to mummy-son bonding time***
His 1st ever haircut was in Malaysia right after my confinement month as this mummy needed a trip 
to the salon and at the spur of the moment, baby Skye had his head fully shaved (advised by the 
salon lady because of his cradle cap problem)

Ever since then, baby Skye didn't need a haircut as his hair was growing upwards (mind u, its au natural
- no gel or wax needed) ... Just like baby Si's and mummy's hair when we were babies!!! It runs in the
 family :) but now that his side burns were getting longer n just in time for his baby dedication, 
he was due for another haircut... 
And this mummy doubts she will be cutting baby Skye's hair as boys hair can't be cut with scissors???
Need a hair clipper right???

At first, I was quite scared as I didn't know what to expect....and mind u, baby Skye is a very "keypoh" 
aka "busy body" aka "nosy" baby!!! E.g....he wouldn't sit still under the nursing cover...he will do "karate" under it...
So I was scared that the hair clipper might cut him when he moves...and true enough baby Skye kept 
moving from side to side whenever he heard the clipper buzzing around... ***OoooooOOHHHhhhh***
But to my surprised, the hair clipper was actually VERY SAFE!!! No cuts n no blood at all :)
***what a sigh of relief*** hahahaha.... All the added stress for NOTHING at all... That just shows that I 
never knew how guys get their hair cut... Or never paid attention to those hair clippers :p

Baby Skye didn't last very long before he bursts into tears... Think the whole experience was quite a 
shocker for him especially with the "nonstop buzzing sound" + "lady holding a sharp object 
chasing him around" + "so many eyes watching him" + "lights everywhere" + "crazy daddy clicking the 
camera nonstop" + etc... Think it was just too much for the tiny lil' one to handle :(

But nevertheless, results are in... Baby Skye got his 1st crazy Mohawk hairstyle !!! 
Reminder: its au natural :)
So how??? Yeayyy or nayyyy...
To justify this hairstyle, this mummy said that it is a ONE TIME thing as his anti-gravity hair won't last 
too long before GRAVITY kicks in... Hee hee hee...

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