Friday, 24 October 2014

Baby Skye in magazines!!!

HALLOWEEN is just around the corner...and guess what???
Most of you would probably have known (from mr. Hubby's Facebook) <- can sense mr. Hubby's excitement.... That our baby boy Skyler Chaw Naga made a special appearance in the Mediacorp's "Mother&Baby Singapore" magazine (October issue)!!! Out on stands since late sept...

We are so proud and blessed for this once in a lifetime opportunity and experience! 
Although Skyler didn't have to do anything in order to get his face in the magazine... 
Just a cute smile won the hearts of the peeps at Mother&Baby Singapore ;)

He landed a tiny spot in the magazine on page 40!!! (Halloween theme)
Baby Skye did wonderful throughout the photo fuss at all...
Daddy did a great job trying to make baby Skye look straight at the camera and smile at the same time...quite a difficult task as baby Skye was just learning to lift up his head while on his tummy!!!
So daddy didn't have much buffer time to work with...
Baby Skye was just 7 mths during the time of the photo shoot (if u notice, he didn't have much hair at that time compared to now which is naturally spiked up!!!)

This Mummy was just chilling and mingling with the other mummy behind the scenes while keeping sienna away from the limelight...***no pun intended...LOLs***

Here's pics of us "behind the scenes"!!! 
Our gleeful "proud parents" moment...nonstop smiles since the moment we stepped in to Mediacorp till we left...but looking at those pics, I think Sienna had the most fun!!!
Although it was raining heavily that morning, it didn't dampen our spirits...

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