Sunday, 14 September 2014

Bye bye baby Si!!!

It's been 5 days now that baby Si has been away from her mummy!!!
She is in the safe hands of her "po po" and "gong gong" in Malaysia...
From the looks of it, she doesn't seem to be missing me much and enjoying all the yummy food, pampering and attention showered to her by her grandparents and "chiu chiu" Jeffrey!

This is her first time being away from me... (except for 1 overnight where gong gong took her to her cousin Zach ha-min's place to sleepover - on the other side of Singapore)

Before her trip, Mr. Hubby and I kept prepping her by telling her to "ting hua" and "pu Yao hwai tan"...<- be a good girl and listen to grandparents!
Mummy, daddy and "di di" skyler gonna miss u...

Baby Si kept asking, "today go po po gong gong de jia?" <- am I going to po po and gong gong hse today? 
We kept saying, "no, 3 more days...2 more days....1 more day"
Then one day she woke up saying, "I'm ready to go po po gong gong de jia" <- I'm ready to go to the grandparents house... 

Then the last night, before sleeping she said,
"Mummy, wo ai ni! Wo Yao Mai Durian for mummy, daddy and di di!!!" <- I love u mummy, I want to buy ur favourite durian for mummy, daddy and baby Skye!

Baby Si seems to know what was gonna be happening!!!
She was all excited to go sit in the aeroplane... This mummy was the one having a hard time saying her good byes to baby Si and mr. Hubby at the airport!!!

Many of you must be wondering how and why she's in Malaysia???
Firstly coz mr. Hubby went to Amsterdam for 2 weeks business trip (flying via Kuala Lumpur)
Secondly, this mummy came up with a brilliant idea to have mr. Hubby drop Sienna off at KL during his transit.
Thirdly, we will all be going to Japan soon from KL...

1) Mr. Hubby gets to go on business trip aka vacation 
(super jelly!!! AKA jealous that he's getting to eat all yummy food, sightseeing, fly, etc...) 
Of course working hard too :)
2) Po po and gong gong n Jeffrey gets to enjoy the chatterbox miss Sienna
3) this mummy and baby Skye gets to go on lots of dates!!! 
Everybody WIN WIN situation!!!

By the way, we didn't know how Sienna was gonna cope being away from me for THAT long... (1 month?) so I told my mum to send me a SOS and me n Baby Skye will jump on the next flight to Malaysia :) but so far so good!!! ***fingers crossed***

pic below:

Daddy mentioned that Sienna was striking up conversations with the pax sitting around!!! While enjoying her drink :) she was a trooper even though the flight was delayed due to technical issues, needed to change planes...luggages didn't make it!!! (Oh Malaysian airlines making head news again!!!)
Plus, Mr. Hubby almost missed his connecting flight to Amsterdam with a minute to spare before "push back"! And poor mr. hubby's luggages are still no where in sight!!! Imagine reporting to headquarters and customer's site in the same clothes..."oh dear"!!! <- no pun intended...LOL!

Baby Si busy chatting with the friendly German neighbor while sipping her drink :)

Excited much??? With her trusty snack handbag!!! LOL...

Mummy went shopping for lil miss Sienna even though she wasn't here... 
***Still thinking and missing her!***
Btw, her FIRST panties bought (above), mind you...costs MORE than her mummy's!!!
$30sgd for the panties...1 for $6??? Gesssshhhh.... 
Thank you "Pumpkin Patch"!!!

This mummy has been shopping quite a bit for myself since I haven't been shopping at all!!! Imagine going shopping with 2 young kids??? Nahhhh... I rather sleep!!!
So yeah, with 1 baby, baby Skye, it is SUPER EASY!!! As baby Skye likes to go out, eat, sleep, poop in his stroller :) that was how it was with just me n baby Si last time...

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